Beautyberry Banishes Bad Biting Bugs

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    First this is not my article... It comes from Mother Earth News...

    This was a bad year for skeeters, fleas and black flies so I started looking for a natural method of pest control... then I found this...

    Beautyberry Banishes Bad Biting Bugs
    they go on to say how toxicity testing is needed to evaluate the safety of applying potent beautyberry compounds to human skin. but it seems to me it would be okay to apply on the outside of your clothes or just in key places around the home, like around the deck, windows and doors...

    This spring I'm going to try growing some of these and give it a whirl...
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    Already have it growing all around my house for that exact reason. Here is a pic for those not familiar.

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    That is a useful tidbit of information.
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