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    There has been plenty of sickness going on in the city where my hubby works. He final caught it and brought it home.

    A week ago today he work up sick as a dog and it was Wed. before he said I think I need to go to the Doc.

    So he went into to work on Thursday and to a doc appointment. Yucky bronchitis the doc said. He was still sick and stayed at work til 6 trying to get caught up.

    He works in the water/waste field and had many reports and etc that had been delayed with being ill.
    He had to redo some of the blue prints an engineer made for some of the new plants workings.

    Lol he was grumping,"he knows better."
    Dh got to work on some of it at home on his day off with being able to get to his computer files at work from home home.

    A couple weeks ago we as a couple we gave a talk to a group on being prepared both with physical means and Spiritually.

    We handed out extra How to books and cookbooks we had on hand; along with 3 ring binders of information.

    If one of the books you picked up had giveaway posted on the back of it; the book was yours.

    We just brought a sprinkling of things to display.

    The left side was what was in Dave's 72 hour backpack. or B.O.B. (Bug Out Bag).

    Click on a picture to enlarge

    The Garden is all in. Whew glad that is accomplished. And we did enlarge the garden for the potato plot.
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