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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by wildernessgal, Oct 30, 2007.

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    Been workin' hard, trying to finish up our 6 ft tall chicken fence which surrounds approx. 2 acres around our backwoods home... It's almost done ~ Yippee!!!! Only about 80 more feet to go. Currently I've temporarily leaned the wire roll up where it's unfinished and have had the chickens running all around happily/safely. What a grand sight to see HAPPY CHICKENS!!! HAPPY CHICKENS = LOTS OF HEALTHY EGGS WITH ORANGE YOLKS (<--and not sickly pale yellow unhealthy ones ~ blah).

    I think that this mornin', before headin' back to "THE FENCE-PROJECT", I shall get a bucket with some extra fence supplies, the tree trimmin' shears, some scrap wire and go for a hike around our property doing a fence check/maintenance... You know how it is, everything needs to be maintained properly. Our place is pretty wild, and we have lots of wild critters/deer running about. Sometimes they'll crash into our pasture fence and knock down a barb, or.... Wanna make sure all is well/up and running properly so that the livestock don't take off on a holiday! lol So I am off!!!! Have a great day everyone!
    ( who's busy,busy,busy )
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    Most interesting note about the chickens. I recently purchased 20 chickens from Melbo got me into pasture raised after I read a book Pasture Perfect which just about made me puke to read how the corporate meat production industry operates.....I gagged when I went to the grocery store that afternoon.

    I look forward to learning from your wisdom.
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    When your chickens start to lay do not wash the eggs. There is a natural membrain on the outside of thye egg that keeps air out. When you was the egg tou remove it. We have had unwashed eggs on the counter at room temps for months and they were still good. If you really want to you can wash them right before you use them but we don't and have never gotten sick.

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    I have never seen a six foot chicken although these Bahamians do dress up like chickens when they have a junkanoo. WHat kind of fence does it take to hold a six foot chicken?
  5. wildernessgal

    wildernessgal Backwoods is a callin'

    LOL Nope not yet.... SIX FOOT CHICKEN FENCE is what I 'm talkin' about SeaCowboy!lol

    On the subject of poultry:

    We love poultry and I've raised poultry since I was a very little girl... I've even had 'em in "the big" city incognito!he,he,he Last time I looked we had around 175, but we've been culling (only keeping the very best) and eatin' lots of yummy chicken! Chicken is so easy to raise and super healthy if ya let 'em do what they do best, which is eat lots of GREENS, BUGS, and fresh healthy DIRT/EARTH! :) Locking poultry up in small pens isn't very good for the long run at all, their health, or yours (<--regarding the quality of their meat/eggs)...

    Right now the chickens are also cleaning up the garden area as it's gone kaput with the 20 degree temps & I have now taken all of my gardening to our hillbilly greenhouse on the southside of the house. Yesterday we had a bunch of fresh goodies from the greenhouse for dinner. Ya know.... hubbie & I shall post some pics to share with everyone about that and how one can eat fresh goodies year round if ya really want to. I've got an awesome book by a guy who lives in Maine and eats fresh healthful stuff year round like the french instead of having to buy storeboughten poison. He doesn't heat it (the greenhouse) either and mostly grows hardy greens which will exist on their own with little care. Now that is a very AWESOME WAY TO DO IT & what we are currently doin'!!!! Take care all & thanks for postin' on me ol' bloggie!!!

    P.S.- Thanks for sharing Clyde. I haven't checked out the linky you posted yet.... but you'd be amazed how simple things really are. You can make things as SIMPLE or COMPLICATED as ya want. I hate how complicated this commercialized world makes things sound, all in the name of making $$$money$$$. 90 % of what they tell ya to do/that you need, is completely unnecessary. :( But oh well, we all have gotta learn some way and being able to feed oneself is such a wonderful and powerful independant sorta feeling! :)

    P.P.S- A QUICK TIP: Don't forget to feed your eggshells back to your chickens to give 'em calcium/strong egg shells. I crumble/crush them very small and sprinkle them about for them to eat up off of the ground. They love it!!! bye bye
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    WG... I know what your sayin' about the orange yolks! Nothing bought from the store can compare.

    When I left home as a teenager, I thought I had lost my taste for eggs, but I finally figured out it was just that "city" eggs suck!
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    I'll trade you a two-headed turtle for a chicken with six feet.
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