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    A question was asked on one of the many preparedness boards I frequent by someone who is just starting to prepare:

    "Looking for feedback on the percentage of money to be spent on priorities for prepping. I could spend all of my energy and money at the local firearms store but that's not practical, i like food so that's easy for me and i'll drink water if i have to. Would the percentage of time and money be a fluctuating subject or should it be a constant? The reason i ask this is that sometimes i feel that i'm ignoring one priority for another, i wish i could approach prepping more uniformly"

    I answered based on my circumstances and my experience. I thought more folks could benefit from this answer, so here is my reply:

    "OK there is, in my opinion, no set hard and fast rule of percentages for prepping. My family does it out of habit, and it is just part of the budget. For example, when shopping, if we buy 5 cans of vegetables, we grab 3 more for the shelf. If we buy 50 pounds of rice, we buy another for the "shelf". Small steps make the biggest difference.

    Spread your big purchase, like guns and ammo, for example, to times when the bills are paid and you have extra cash in the bank not accounted for. Start with the basics, food/water/protection.

    I recently found, and did, a bulk food strategy for less than 300 FRN's under the less than glamorous name of Scotch Broth. The author claims, and I believe her, that this is enough food and nutrition for a family of 4 for a year. Basically food for 4 for 1 year is food for 2 for 2 years, and food for 1 for 4 years, all without breaking the bank.

    Caveat: I am a frugal prepper, always have been. We shop the 99cent Only, and Dollar stores for preps. Not necessarily food either. Example on the medical side, you can buy, at the 99cent Only stores, 4 tubes of triple antibiotic ointment for the same cost of 1 tube from a "national" box store - whether that be grocery, drug, or other store. Another tool that works to your advantage is Warehouse stores like Sams Club or Costco. No, not on the per-prepared or boxed foods, but on hygiene supplies and bulk food items like rice, beans, powdered milk, vacuum sealing supplies, etc.

    In my area, Costco also has bulk Liquor - hard liquor - stores attached. Large containers of good quality grain alcohols, excellent for trade, or limited medicinal uses. Those same bulk stores are now carrying "survival" foods and some supplies. Stay away from these. They are overpriced for what you get. You are better off, cost wise, building your own "buckets, bags, and boxes" of survival foods, equipment, and materials.

    We as a family acknowledge that the inflation is hitting hard so we continually take baby steps. I have been unemployed for almost 6 months (in 6 days is 6 months), and we still manage to put away a little every time we go to the store.

    Another thing you may want to look at your budget for is gardening. Consider putting in a garden now, when you do not need to rely on it, so you can gain experience, if you have to. This allows mistakes to be made that will not cost you food you may desperately need. Also focus on developing skills and getting the basic equipment for things like canning.

    Within the past year I have gotten back into reloading ammunition and building hand loads because I acknowledge the fact that one day, perhaps very soon, ammunition will not be available in store or through "normal" venues, and replacing it would be problematic. I bought a little at a time and built my tooling and supplies up to where I can effectively load or reload my ammunition 1000 times per caliber I shoot. It took months, but was well worth it.

    As with anything dealing with prepping it is a personal thing. YMMV (your mileage may vary). This is what I suggest to lower the worry and impact on your time and budget. Build prepping habits and skill sets, this is not a hobby, this is a mindset and lifestyle.

    Pray for the best, prepare for the worst. I hope this helped."
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