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    From an email I received:


    We are Best Glide Aviation Survival Equipment. Providing High Quality Personal, Aviation and Wilderness Survival Equipment, Survival Kits and Gear to the US Government, Corporations and Individuals from all walks of life.

    We can be found at Our wilderness survival kits can be found quickly at this link:

    We currently sell these kits, and variations of these kits to the FBI, DEA and US Border Patrol to name a few. We have recently introduced these and are trying to get them some exposure. We believe they are the best around for the money. They include NATO and NSN approved items..unlike others that always seem to opt for cheap foreign items to get a better profit margin.

    We offer a large line of wholesale priced survival equipment for resale. Many of these items are NATO or NSN approved as we are the BCB Distributor to the United States. Much of it is used by the US and British Military. We also have a line of US Made Survival Kit bags we would love to offer you.

    Thanks for your time.

    Best Glide Aviation Survival Equipment, Inc.
    Ph/Fax: 888-834-9971

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    I went through it and wasn't recognizing much of anything that we use in our survival kits, then I noticed that they sell to all the other military branches but the Army. Got some good stuff, got some stuff I wouldn't use.
  3. Hispeedal2

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    I have used some stuff from Best Glide. I use the mess tin type deal to hold some items I keep in my BOB. It also doubles as a mess tin if I need it to. I am a big fan of their button compasses too.
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