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    Back when I was still a "SURVIVALIST-VIRGIN" buying/stocking up on all of those storeboughten products, I always wondered if there was "something better" than what I was buying? With workin' so hard outdoors I would always get chapped hands and boy oh boy did they need help....

    One day after my homesteading journey began, I had a smallish flock of some very hardy Jacob Sheep for their fiber/meat which needed to be sheared. So I whipped out the hand shearers (non-electric) and hubbie & I started having a go at it. Well after that my hands felt so well moisturized from the lanolin in the wool. Didn't think much about it until after doing it a few more times. Then on hog butchering days my hands never felt better!!! WOW WHAT A FEELING & my poor hands were in an INCREDIBLE STATE/felt so GOOD for once!!!! Let's just say that I AIN'T NO BARBIE, that's for sure & I love bein' outside doin' what I do best!!! LOL

    Well FINALLY it **clicked*** "THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT" and I started thinking more about this, & after learning about HOW NATURAL FATS FROM PASTURE RAISED CRITTERS IS SO VERY GOOD FOR YOU (<--from yes, you need FAT to be HEALTHY unlike what our government recommends ~ maybe they just say what they do so everyone will continue to be SICK with the "FAT-FREE CRAP"so they can continue makin' the $$$BIG BUCKS$$$ I KNOW I BELIEVE IT!)... But anyway, we started rendering our own NATURAL FAT on butchering days (from all types of critters) everytime, and using it on the skillet when we made eggs for breakfast, in my baking which made for the best pie crusts/the most moist/delicious cakes EVER!!!!!! One day I decided that I would start purposely rubbing it into my hands, and then it went from there to all of my most prized leather items like my work boots, belt and so on.... NATURALLY RENDERED FAT, is beyond USEFUL/HEALTHFUL & it's become a HUGE PART OF OUR LIFE EVER SINCE WE STARTED MAKING USE OF IT! It is the BEST HOMEMADE HAND MOISTURIZER & more....

    My favorite leather boots have never looked better, or been more water repellent either!! So if you are sick of making BIG BUSINESS RICHER, & REALLY want to do for yourself because you know that YOU COULD BE FORCED TO DO SO IN THE FUTURE AND WANT TO START GETTING USE TO IT NOW! Next time you butcher your own meat, collect it, and throw it into a pot/render it for personal use... the uses are endless & it's just another FREE/CONVENIENT THING for a SURVIVALISTto make use of for his & his families benefit! ;)

    (who loves her NATURAL FAT , as been using it for years and isn't fat/unhealthy for doing so... most people are shocked when they hear of it 'cause they think that I should be so big that I can't fit through the door and more... It's sooo sad how badly brainwashed people are now a days & how they've lost touch with their roots! :( ( REMEMBER: DON'T LISTEN TO GOVERNMENT RECOMMENDATIONS WHEN THEY CUT DOWN/CREATE FEAR ABOUT THINGS FROM OUR PAST HISTORY ~ IT'S ALL A SHAM 'CAUSE THE LESS YOU DO FOR YOURSELF THE MORE MONEY THEY MAKE/THE MORE POWER THEY HAVE!)

    Here's a very useful/informative LINK to share below:

    Bye bye for now & here's to being more self reliant/healthy all in one! ;)
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