best smoke grenade?

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  1. Retspag

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    What’s the best smoke grenade, and where can I buy them (I’m in the USA)?

    dead link


    I just did some more research and found out that the ones I found are made by ALS
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  2. BuckBall

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    I don't believe you can buy military grade smokers outside of bases. Of course I could be wrong, but there are certain restrictions (gov't of course) that prohibit such devices being sold to the common man. I can get British and German made ones, but they are highly costly.
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    You can get the same ones here too:
    -Dead link-
    The second page has pocket size.
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  4. Retspag

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    could you tell me what the names of the British and German ones are?

    I think since it doesn’t actually explode they’re classified as a flare or signaling device.

    I saw a video for the pocket smoke grenade by ALS, and it was about half as much smoke as I would want, so I guess the next size up would be what I want.
  5. BuckBall

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    I could give you the names, but I wont. Only because they are government issue and none are available in the U.S. With that being said, it is not advisable for anyone who is novice to use smoke grenades built to military spec. This would violate a number of ordnances that would hold me accountable by international law. In most cases you will need military clearance for sure purchases.
  6. Retspag

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    If I can’t get them, I don’t see what the harm would be in me knowing what they’re called, it’s like I know what an RPG-7 is and I still can’t buy one. lol

    I’ve done my research and it’s looks like $40 each ($39.99) + shipping and hazmat is the price for an ALS smoke grenade.
    At that price I think I’ll just buy some marine smoke flares there are some bigger ones and they even have a pull-tab, they’re more cumbersome and not as robust, but they do the same thing, and only cost $15.
    And I think the chances of me being pinned down and needing a smoke screen are pretty slim anyway.
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  7. RevBushmaster

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    There are many recepies on line for smoke. If you have a general knowledge in chemistry you should be able to delineate the difference between something dangerous and a dud etc. Each state is different but here in Tennessee I am allowed to make a certain amount of rocket fuel that has propelled my modes to more than 10,000 ft. I am interested in model rocketry so I have made some smoke grenades trying to make hybrid rocket fuel, as well as some unintentional explosives. Check your local state and federal laws, but there are ways to obtain smoke.

    I like you dont see much use for smoke in a squad or smaller application tho. : }>
  8. BuckBall

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    It's been about 12 years since I served with the British Military. If I remember correctly, the smoker was N-110. As to Germany was the DM-24, though I rarely ever handled this particular one.
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    smoke grenades are crap.

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    We sell the ALS smoke grenades and ALL of the items on the website are available for sale to the public in the lower 48 states. Some items may have a HAZMAT fee but ALL items, at this time, are legal for all US Citizens to own. We also offer discounts on larger orders and will adjust shipping on larger orders.

    DBCPYROT Monkey++

    Yes, you can purchase all of the items on the DBC Pyrotechnics (Link removed) website as long as you are over 18 and a US Citizen.
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    Or, if you're of the mind too, and are somewhat handy...and careful!
    Why not make your own?

    Everything you need, and a LOT more...
    Just be careful what you ask for, you may get it!
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    Link removed (dead link)
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  15. 3M-TA3

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    A larger version of that could be very useful. I'd think with all the wax it would be pretty stable as well.
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    Thread resurrection. Nothing but dead links from 2008 and here I thought we had a spoof attack.

    Smoke Grenades on Sale

    Use that link. Ought to be good for a few more years. Oy Vey!
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    @Brokor I just like to keep you busy. :p
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  19. chelloveck

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    Smoke grenades have their uses, however, their effectiveness are affected by prevailing weather conditions, among a number of other factors. They can be useful for signalling, distraction/diversion or providing limited temporary concealment from view. They may also have some use as incendiaries.
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