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    Beware of knockoffs.

    A guy at work bought 2 sets of Bose QC 15 headphones from them.
    The noise canceling did not work on either set and one set broke.

    The thing is he brought one set in and they looked perfect I compared them to my set of older QC headphones and they looked perfect no way to tell that they were knockoffs. They even had the Bose cards to hand out if someone asked about them

    Needless to say they stiffed him on any return or support.

    Should have been a dead give away with a name like and 2 sets for $200 shipped......
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    Any site that has 40 thieves working for them should not be trusted. Of course that would include most .gov sites also
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    I found one place that seems to be trust worthy through them but they also had an online web store. I am not sure what safe guards they have to protect their members though. Perhaps a feedback system and some sort of verification would improve them. Personally I would try to use ones that pass the smell test and have an online presence.
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    Old adage applies. If it sounds too good to be true .....
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    That is a wholesale site that sellers post on so they may have a bad seller on there but most of the dealers are legit. It's kind of like a Ebay or Amazon for businesses looking for products.

    There should be a support and contact us page on the site as well as one to submit a complaint. You should suggest your friend submits a complaint and contacts them so they can remove the seller if they are selling knock offs or illegal items.

    They have a safety and security center that has tips on how to make sure the seller is legit. I haven't used the site much myself yet but have looked into them before. I didn't know consumers could even buy off that site.

    Safety & Security Center - Learn How to Enhance the Safety of Your Online Transactions
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