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    Replaced the bottom bracket on my old 70's era 10 speed today, with a Wald replacement group. It is an American styled bottom bracket, which are easy to work on, and the bearing cone on the crank side was galled badly. Also put on a new KMC chain, as the old chain measured over 12 1/8" along it's pins. Then trued both wheels and repacked the front bearings too. I picked this bike up for just a couple of bucks at a Goodwill sale about 10 years ago, replaced the dry rotted tires, and overhauled all the bearings, did a rattle can spray paint job and hit the road. I figure a conservative estimate of 10,000 miles ridden on this bike, with me doing 10 miles a day, 5 days a week on it for 3 years, and a lot of recreational riding on the weekends. Did several 50 milers, and made 76 miles in one day on it once. This is the third tune up I've given it, and I will get the back wheel and headset bearings soon. Amazing what a department store bicycle can handle with regular maintenance as this bike spent two years in the back of my pickup, and has done it's share of trail riding too. I've started using blue marine grease for all my bearings on my bikes, and think it is better than the high heat grease I was using before. Keep them maintained and they will give great service.


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