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    So I'm in Baltimore, well Columbia Md. to be exact, and remembering now why I hate big cities, and have no love for anything farther north than North Carolina. It's been 11 years since my last visit to NY and I had forgotten just how different the lifestyle is. Everyone on the road is in a mad dash, everything is crowded, prices are high, and it takes forever to get anywhere. I drove up on Sunday and I-95 was actually a relaxing get away for some time to myself, alone with my thoughts, seeing long forgotten countryside. Soon after Richmond, VA, the traffic began piling up and the slow and easy lane changes I casually made up to that point became a game of grabbing an empty spot before someone beat me to it. Forget about following distance, if there is a space in front of you large enough for a car, someone will jump into it whether they need to or not. They seem to be programmed to do this without a thought.
    I've had time after my Transmitter training today to reflect on the choices I've made to put me down in SC, and I am reminded how thankful I am. I make a lot less money, but it costs a lot less to live. Yeah, it's hot, but I can deal with heat way better than cold. We don't have the 6 and 8 lane highways they do in the North, but it's because we don't need 'em. You still wave a finger at the approaching pick-up truck and they wave back. I know of several stores where I can pump gas and then go inside to pay for it. I left my motel this morning at 6 am to get a bite of breakfast, thinking I would be ahead of the traffic and the hustle. Nope. No real difference.
    So the point of this rant: Is anyone here among my bestest internet companions still living in a big city? If so, why? I honestly can see no reason a reasonable person would. I see why Florida has so many New Yorkers and Ohions in it. When you throw in all of the liberal a-holes and the stupid and ineffective gun laws, it all makes me hope I never have to venture this way again.

  2. ghrit

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    Don't give up on the north, unless you let climate distress you. Big (or even small) cities at not nice at all, sez me. However, jobs tend to concentrate in cities, or at least they did before telecommuting, so if you gotta work, you may have to live in high population density areas. A few years of that, and you'll have your resume out ---
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  3. Out in the woods

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    I am a few hundred miles North of NYC. not sure why you hate the North so much. I live in rural Maine.
  4. oil pan 4

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    Maine isn't bad I lived there for 4 years in summerset county.

    But the big East coast cities suck.
  5. BTPost

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    Big west coast cities SUCK, as well....
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  6. Altoidfishfins

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    Depends on what you're calling big when it comes to cities. I live on the Northwestern edge of a fairly large city in the desert SW. Yeah traffic gets nuts. If there's an accident on the freeway, even a little fender bender with both vehicles well off the road, everyone slows to 15 MPH to rubberneck. They're lucky they don't have a bunch of rear-enders as a result.

    I moved here in the mid-70s because the east coast State of Delaware where I was born and raised was too crowded, too liberal, and if your surname wasn't duPont, too snooty. I was just informed today that the county here has been petitioned by a bunch of left wingers trying to end the gun show at the County Fairgrounds. The county ruling agencies are full of Democrats, so they'll probably agree to it. The traditional Rodeo has gone on every year since 1925 and is now in danger of extinction due to rabidly left animal rights groups.

    I was previously stuck here due to the necessity of having a job, but now retired looking at building in another part of the state that is much more in line with my politics (already own the land with a well). The city where I am located is a leftist magnet, much worse than anywhere else in the state. Probably be gone by this time next year.

    It was a great town in the 70s through the early 90s. Now it's becoming another L.A. wannabee.

    If I were about 20 years younger I'd consider BT's neck of the woods.
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  7. Meat

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    Lots of cool areas in Washington State. Minus Olympia and of course Seattle it’s a great place to live.
  8. BTPost

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    I am on the north side of 70, and I wish I had another 20 years, to live here...but in all likely hood,I will be lucky to get even 10 more years... If you stay below the 60th Parallel, and out on the Coast, the Wx is just like Seattle, except about 5 degrees F, colder...Seattle WAS a great place to live, until the Commiefornia Liberals showed up from down south, in the late ‘80s... anything east of North Bend is as Red as can be...
  9. SB21

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    Sir Tempstar, I completely understand what you're saying . I drove tractor trailers over the road back in the 80s and early 90s . And spent many hours driving thru Richmond , DC , Maryland and on up I 95 into Jersey and New York City .. It was bad back then , I can only imagine what its like now . I recently thought about going back to driving a truck , but I remember how much I hated dealing with that traffic back then , and I figured , it had to be 10 times as bad now . And after thinking it thru , decided I really didn't want to put up with that traffic and stress . Yes sir , I value my time in the boonies . No disrespect to you city dwellers up there , but I figure I'll do my best to stay out of your way . Safe travels home for you Tempstar ...
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  10. HK_User

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    DFW is south and it sucks.
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  11. oldman11

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    Baton Rouge and New Orleans are bad to me but it’s because I live in the north part of the state. Ruston is turning bad fast because of its a college town,a place of higher learning my butt . We need more trade schools,no one knows how to work anymore.
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  12. Gator 45/70

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    I'm going to go fishing one day soon......
  13. duane

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    New Hampshire is gone, motto is Live Free or Die, but it has changed into gimedat. Whole state has been taken over by the liberal cities with their diversity and the people who either retired from Mass or still work in Mass and commute, free speech is about gone, they are after our guns, need a permit to build over 100 sq ft, has to meet codes, 2 by 6 walls, r factor insulation, power, water, septic, set backs from water, swamps, roads, limits on animals, chickens, fertilizers on gardens, trapping, shooting, etc. Good place 20 years ago, but it is turned into a northern Mass. Too much invested to leave so just stay as grey as possible and hope to survive until I die of old age. Don't have any hope of change other than a massive die off and like grasshoppers, they will strip everything bare before they do that. Bad thing to say, but a massive disease killing off 95 % of the worlds population might be the best hope we have as a race, that at least would leave most resources still intact for those that survived and at least a chance of rebuilding.
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  14. Oddcaliber

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    Being in the suburbs is not that bad here in Metairie. Louisiana knows what the 2A means and backs it up. Yeah New Orleans does get crazy at times but so does anywhere else.
  15. HK_User

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    I wandered into the Canyons of Big D at lunch time the other day.
    I'd rather have gone to the Gates of Hell than be in a concrete ditch at 65 miles an hour with Big Rigs and Cagers on their cell phones.
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  16. oldman11

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    Talk about crazy,the town I live near now has the same mayor who stole money from the town and spent three years in jail for. Now no budget,roads falling apart,water bills not being paid,and he wants to do away with the police dept. Same as last time.Newcar for himself. The last time around he wanted the town to pay for a house for him as he didn’t have one.Also the town bought a newcar for him to drive all over the country,as far away as West Texas to his daughters wedding.Also the last time he was mayor he gave the fire dept a big raise and done away with the police dept,A town of over 2000 and no police dept. What really burned my butt they were calling his wife the first lady of our little town. Did I say he was the first black mayor of our town,I say “our town”because it belongs to everybody that lives here.
    [flag] We will survive. [flag]
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  17. apache235

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    We have become Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah all rolled into one. As I recall, things didn't work out too well for them. Don't know when it will happen but it should be a doozy.
  18. Seacowboys

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    I lived in Memphis for a while,Nashville, Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale, and Mobile, never really been to a northern city. I do have a dear yankee friend though.
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  19. jimLE

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    i live 150 miles from houston mom was in 3 or 4 hospitals for 3 month in 2017.i got a reminder to why i hate the big city every time i went there to visit her.higher price's awful traffic.pepole that aint capable of driving .traffic jams.pot hole's half the size of car gps unit payed for it self several times over back then.but extremely happy with my small city life.
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  20. 3M-TA3

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    Cities over 50,000 people have what I call anonymity - people don't know who all the bad guys are so crime increases exponentially. Big cities ultimately get run by progressives and then they bet who can beat Detroit to be the worst crappiest most dangerous place they can be. If I had to pick one to live it would be Philadelphia, but only because it has Independence Hall and Cheese Steak sandwiches worth the other crap I'd have to put up with.

    Folks in smaller cities and rural areas in the "and the North" are just fine by me. It's true that I have seen more polite behavior when I have traveled to small towns in the South that is very warm and charming. That's not as much a part of what I've experienced in Northern Culture, but it doesn't mean we aren't just as nice.
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