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    Hello all. I live in Ecuador and have studied earthquakes and its effects on structures for several decades. I went thru a 7.8 earthquake on April 16 2016 and it lasted 1'20s. It was a terrifying experience. Violent after shocks came a few days later. At 2:45 am we had a 6.3 earthquake and 15 minutes later we had a 6.9 and it was raining lightly. This strong activity lasted for a year I began studying the movement of earthquake in the continent. Within 2 minutes of the big one we had a volcanic eruption. In Japan after a couple of minutes they had an earthquake. Chile 8.8 earthquake was in 2010, then movement began to move north up to Ecuador 2016. Then they moved to Central America with a recent 6.8 five days ago. In California earthquakes have increased considerably in numbers in the past year and most of them concentrated in the San Francisco Area. Most of the seismic activity is on the California fault or close to it. In Oregon area movements have also increased in size and number. This area is getting pressure from the north in Alaska area from recent increased activity.
    I traveled to epicenter area and witnessed first hand the destructive power of a large earthquake. Commercial area was almost completely destroyed and biggest supermarket collapsed completely. In epicenter earth moved a shocking 4 feet! There were riots that night on private properties. Government trucks with aid were assaulted the next day. Water was cut off and large areas had no power for months.
    Soil type is very important for structure stability. I checked California and Oregon soil types and it is loose soil the worst for earthquake. I recommend you check your soil area map. If your house is on sandy soil it could sink or be swallowed completely because of liquefied soil. A friend told me the night of the earthquake she went outside immediately to check the house and told her husband to come out as soon as she came out the hole house came down.
    On Ecuador video look closely the violent movement. The city of this video was 80 miles away but because of loose soil it caused more destruction than in epicenter.
    If you need more info let me know.
    Link for Central America earthquakes
    Today's Earthquakes in The Caribbean and Central America > 6.0M
    Link to youtube video of 2016 Ecuador earthquake

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    Yeah I lived in Japan for 3 and a half years, not a big fan of earthquakes.
    The biggest problem is there is little to no warning and it happens and everyone is unprepared every single time, like its the first time every time.
    As far as I can tell the only group some what prepared are the Japanese.
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    Welcome @ladrillero, that was a very interesting post. I have always been interested in earthquakes. You mentioned CA but that is always shaking and relieving pressure. My focus is further North. I think the places to watch are OR, WA and Canada. IMO that area has been too quiet. Yes, it shakes but not strong. I think the big one will be PNW.
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    Hello all. Increased seismic activity in an area that is due for a major earthquake is a symptom of a big movement coming. USGS is a good place. I check latest info several time a day and have seen increased activity by the day. I lived in LA for 11 years and never did we have the activity we have today. I went thru earthquakes since childhood and never lived a big on like the 7.8 and the very strong after shocks, we are in shock mode still.
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    Welcome @ladrillero !! Seismic activity? Like the hot springs in the Napa Valley, the rising lake level in Yellowstone, yup... These are the things we prep for. They carry little or no warning and when they do strike, it is devastating.

    Anchorage Alaska 1960

    Oakland, California 1989
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    Most people from seismic zone areas don't want to face reality and prefer not to talk about the issue.
    Most news media have increased the number of articles related to the coming big ones. Why do you think that is. They know it is very close. "Seismologist Lucy Jones from the US Geological Survey warned she is trying to make people accept the fact catastrophe is imminent and that they need to prepare themselves"
    "Her team have published a scenario of a 7.8 earthquake on the San Andreas fault"
    This means you will go thru the same shock I experienced. It will last for almost 1.5 min.
    Oregon big one will last a shocking 4 min.You wont be able to stand. It will destroy all public utility installations and major roads. Streets and roads will have major cracks and landslides.
    Mountain motorcycle are a great vehicle to have because you can ride on almost any terrain.
    Water, water filter, antibiotics, and other medication, kit for making stitches on skin. A ham radio is ideal since cell prone towers wont work.

    Read more: California's 'Big One' is happening and will devastate | Daily Mail Online
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    Read more: California's 'Big One' is happening and will devastate | Daily Mail Online

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    California will devistated?? What comes out of commifornia that we can not do without? OH CRAP!! Have to make a note to pick up several cases of Sriracha!!

    Oh, and welcome to the Monkey @ladrillero .. Thanks for the earth quake info..
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    I know what will happen in California when the big one hits. Be kind of like katrina but more purging.
    The only people prepared are the ones packed up everything and left as a preventive measure before hand.
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    I got really interested in this subject after reading the 20 July 2015, New Yorker, by Kathryn Schulz, 'The Really Big One.'

    It's about the 'Cascadia subduction zone' which makes the San Andreas fault line look small. And, the amazing thing about Cascadia is they can actually predict when it will happen and could be as bad as a 9.2. I clearly remember one statement, 'Our operating assumption is that everything West of I-5 will be toast.' The odds of this 'happening in the next 50 years are roughly one in three.' It's an amazing article because it explains in detail how they came to discover and understand the fault and what is the scientific basis for being able to predict it. How about another tidbit, "FEMA calculates...across the regions something on the order of a million buildings - more than 3,000 of them schools - will collapse...half of all highway bridges, 15 of 17 bridges spanning Portland two rivers...2/3 of railways and airports...1/3 of all Fire stations, 1/2 of all police stations and 2/3 of all hospitals.' In summary, and to the best of my memory, basically everything from Vancouver Canada down to and including Northern California with everything West of I-5 is gone with damage extending East of I-5 dependent on the severity of the quake.

    I believe this is a game changer. I believe this event could actually bring down the financial house of cards upon which our country is now built. Think about it and what all this is more than just an West coast earthquake as it will effect every American in the country... and now that I have sufficiently scared myself, I'm going to order more freeze-dried food.
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    An earthquake in the NW is one of my number one issues that could create a SHTF moment. I continually think about where I am and how I would get home if we are hit by a major quake. We have a lot of bridges up here that cross rivers & lakes that could easily collapse or sink in a large enough quake. There is also the potential for a tsunami event being triggered by a quake. My GHB is prepared with the potential for water crossings to get here from there. I am all over the region weekly, so I just know that it would be a tough road home if bridges get knocked out.

    During the 2001 Nisqually earthquake (at 6.8 magnitude), I was driving back from Seattle, I could feel the truck start shaking side to side. I thought at first that I had a flat tire....but I could see people bailing out the doors of business along the highway...right then I knew what was happening. Fortunately no bridges or roads were severely affected, but some did get damage. One person died of a heart attack and several hundred were injured.


    2001 Nisqually earthquake - Wikipedia
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    Here is a link to the article:
    The Earthquake That Will Devastate the Pacific Northwest
    An Earthquake That Could Devastate Pacific Northwest Is Coming, Report Says
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    @Yard Dart "There is also the potential for a tsunami event being triggered by a quake."
    Uhhhh, no. Not a 'potential' - it will trigger a huge tsunami, "...a 700 mile liquid wall that will reach the Northwest, on an average, of 15 minutes after the earthquake begins. By the time the shaking has cease and the tsunami has recede, the region will be unrecognizable." BTW a tsunami is also sent West toward Japan at same time... I grew up in Seattle and never knew about this until about a year ago when this article came out. Thankfully, I live in Northern Idaho now for, frankly, I don't think one can prepare for something of this magnitude. Anyone that knows Seattle or Portland area understands - given the harbors, rivers and the coast line - you are pretty well screwed if this kicks off and you're there. It would be pure luck if you managed to make high ground given the earthquake as torn the landscape to pieces and that is if you managed to escape being torn apart yourself. Serious stuff...
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    ... not to mention what would happen if all that water made it through the cascades and go to the Great Basin. Not sure how safe Eastern Washington/Oregon would be due to the Columbia Gorge allowing a perfect spillway. Could create a mini Bonneville flood.
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    Several things come to mind in a significant earth quake that does cause part of California to fall into the sea.
    The initial tsunami that hits the other end of the pacific and the alteration of the currents that would further warm the waters and cause more melting of polar ice on both ends ,both raising the water levels by the land mass entering the water and ice melting even faster.
    The differential of water would also mess up the panama canal . that strong a shake might well break loose the numerous volcanos on land in in the sea floor , and a great many wells people depend on for water most likely collapse or the under ground springs that feed them collapse .
    The new Madrid fault would just about split the US in half not to mention widen the Mississippi by several miles in some places at least accord to the navy flood maps ..
    East Texas and west Texas would have new meaning Speaking of which all the oil wells in the ocean and on land will create new environmental problems ,and then there are the many atomic energy plants that will go ballistic ,making Fukushima and Chernobyl a flash in the pan by comparison .
    As for ocean life and wild life for that matter , as much as I shutter to think about it i'm at a loss for words.
    Fact of the matter is , one particular event does not prevent other phenomena from occurring at the same time.
    A friend and I recently while driving observed a meteor fall south of us, here in southern California . at the rate of fall It seemed that it passed 30 degrees of fall on the horizon in less than a second, may be 2. I saw other shooting stars that night later on in that same hemisphere, but nothing this large .
    I checked the usual websites for notifications of the event at the time but it may have landed in the ocean probably around the latitudes of south America .
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    YEP!!!! [shtf]
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    Hello all. Today at 23:04 ut or 6:04 et. we had a 6.3 earthquake. This is more than a year after the 7.8. If a 9 hits Oregon folks over there who live within 100 mile of epicenter will be subjected to strong after shocks. Expect to get several 8's and down. In other words get out while you can! Or be prepared for absolute fear day and night! I lived thru it so I know. Please prepare yourself materially and emotionally.
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    From the article in the New Yorker regarding a Magnitude 9 earthquake in the Cascadia Subduction Zone:

    "... OSSPAC estimates that in the I-5 corridor it will take between one and three months after the earthquake to restore electricity, a month to a year to restore drinking water and sewer service, six months to a year to restore major highways, and eighteen months to restore health-care facilities. On the coast, those numbers go up. Whoever chooses or has no choice but to stay there will spend three to six months without electricity, one to three years without drinking water and sewage systems, and three or more years without hospitals. Those estimates do not apply to the tsunami-inundation zone, which will remain all but uninhabitable for years. ..."​

    It's worth noting that Portland's largest medical complex, along with the Portland VA and the Shriner's are perched on a steep hillside that already has frequent slides, and that another major Hospital is situated on ground subject to liquification. Stock up on Tillamook Cheese now...

    The article also states emergency management is assuming that everything west of I-5 "will be toast". It missed that the Willamette River also runs along another fault line. Not sure how that will play into things.
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