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    Very effective dodge. You are a democrat, almost certainly. THEY may know where to go, but do you not have a place in mind? Even if it's a red herring.
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    I wish there was a way to determine which way the earth is going to shift in the big one. It's reasonable to assume west to east as it has been in the past. ironically bracing for one direction and it goes another or in big circles or rolls like a water bed . you just never know.
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    I'll hazard a guess here. Unless there's something we don't yet know, previous patterns will hold.
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    Yes in Southern IL. on the smaller faults that branch off of the New Madrid . Lots of little less than 1s up to 2s. EQ is our most likely major Natural Disaster in this region and geological history shows we have a major quake fairly regularly every 500 years with several in the 150-200 year apart range. 1811-1812 being the last big one which is estimated to have been a 7.7 with 1000s of after shocks in the 5-7 range. Quakes are much different with the New Madrid fault and hundreds of minor faults that branch off from it. a 7.0 here is much more destructive than a 7.0 out West as the rock and geology is much different, Sandstone, Limestone and other compressed sediment layers allow for a lot more shaking and as shown during the 1811-1812 large surface and sub surface areas of Southern IL, KY, and TN literally liquified and turned to mud. around 13 million people now live in the New Madrid zone and almost no structures are built to withstand EQs when the next 7.0+ hits the New Madrid and the branch faults off the New Madrid the loss of life and destruction will be epic. I have one of those little fault lines that runs directly under the NW corner of the farm and it is not uncommon to have those little less than 1.0 window rattlers.

    They that each passing year increases the odds of major quake by .01% - .04% depending on which exspurt you want to believe. What I know for certain is we are little better than 200 years since the last big one and they put the odds at around 50% of another major quake within the next 50 years. Not something I really worry about as far as my property and survival go. At Least so long as I am home or close to when it happens. But it is a pretty safe bet that every bridge and overpass in the region will buckle or collapse, Utilities will pretty much cease to exist. The number of East-West and North to South oil, gas and diesel pipelines and transfer stations in the region will rupture and be disasters in the own rights. All the water pipelines that go from Rend Lake to almost every small to mid size town in SI will most likely rupture......... and the dams that make those lakes will be at risk.

    It is not a matter of IF it is going to happen it is a simple matter of when. When it does happen clean up the mess bag the dead and reset the quake clock for another 500 years.
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    On mid 2017 I made this post to draw some attention to the coming big earthquake in California which has been predicted by scientists for several decades. Back in 2017 the Mexico seismic cluster was positioned as in the picture and was much smaller, but in 2020 is a lot bigger. That expansion of the 2017 cluster caused pressure on the northern plates which caused the 2019 earthquake in California. Now there has been forming for the past 2 years a new cluster north of it. This means the seismic plates are pushing north. This could create another large earthquake in California. My opinion it could probably hit 2020 to 2022 InkedTEMBLOR MEXICO_LI. .
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    at that rate it could be 6 more years before it it CA right?
    Damn i was hoping CA would drop into the ocean sooner :p
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    Oakland was much more impressive in person

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    @fedorthedog My brother-in-law worked CHP out of the Oakland Area Office in 1989. He has trouble, even today; talking about what he saw.
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    Ya they had a huge presences for the recovery and clean up. One of my guys was the first uniform into the collapse with a couple UDT guys from Alameda, ending up sending him to the doc over what he saw.
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    If the ice age farmer is correct it might be 2024 when the earth is in that magnetic field sandwich (between four planets of our solar system and the sun). It is overdue though. There might be some eruptions too from the sea volcanoes in Alaska possibly before the event or right after since if I remember correctly they are on the same fault line.
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    Major solar system alignment coming up here in a few days, expect quakes.
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    The planet alignment could create a magnetic variance on the earth's seismic plates but all factors have to line up at the right geo spot.
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    Yup, it triggers “Wild A$$ Speculation“ that Mother Earth is getting Pi$$ed off, and will soon retaliate against all those little Humans that have infected her....”
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    ghrit. I did not see it.
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    The Guardian publishes an article on the possible widespread killings and injuries in the working class and minority neighborhoods of San Francisco bay area if a big earthquake hits during Covid 19 pandemic.

    an earthquake during covid in California.
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    We live in Missouri and wife's family live in nw tenn. We travel alot to that area and I have no0ticed a lot of the overpasses in Tn. have been modified to make them EQ proof. But if the big one happens who knows what will happen.
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