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    I am planning on steam blanching and I know the time depends on the type and size of veg your blanching. When you cool the veg do you need to do it in ice water or will cold tap water do the job?

    I read before that if you water blanch you can add salt and that will help to preserve the nutrients and last longer in storage, is that true and how would you do that if you steam blanch? Can you soak the veg in salt water before or after blanching to do the same thing?

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    According to many people steam blanching is the only way to go....
    Some use water blanching, and I do some myself.
    (The basic reason: is the loss of vitamins...)
    Problem is with any such methods, regardless, the idea is to quickly cool the foods down, or they continue to cook.
    I have not found that to be a real problem, yet anyway.
    (some foods would turn to mush I suppose!)
    Most of the blanching I do is with potatoes...
    You can slice them first, some peel them and some don't, prior to this.....
    Or, you can just boil potatoes the normal way....knowing they are fully cokked.
    I have done this with peeled and unpeeled potatoes....
    Then I dehydrate normally for about 14-16 hours until hard & dry. ( no mold that way)
    That's all I have!
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