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    Well, this was a strange weekend for me. I watched a show that recounted 9-11, and reawakened and strengthened my outrage and disgust at the cowardly attack on the United States. What image from that day sticks in my head the most from that day? The planes exploding into the buildings? No. The image of the smoke billowing from the mortally wounded towers? No.

    The horrific image that sticks in my memory is the freeze frame of a body, spread eagle, tumbling from the burning building and another person launching themselves into space to escape the fire.

    We need to ask ourselves...what side are we on? Are we for protecting ourselves? Protecting and defending the Constitution? Will we stand by while we let our government point at crisis after crisis yelling out "HEY LOOK AT THAT!!" and when we turn to look, they rob us of our freedoms. They "steal from Peter to pay Paul", and in the end they are stealing from YOU and ME!

    Thieves that steal from your pocket and "spread the wealth", giving your hard earned money to others, because you don't know how to take care of yourself, but Big Daddy Government does. In the immortal words of Col. Sherman T. Potter "that is a load of meadow muffins". If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck its a damn duck.

    Fire surrounding us as our Constitution is being lit and thrust into our national reserves, and our money is devaluing so fast it is almost not worth the paper it is printed on! If they don't slow down printing this money and dumping it into worthless bailouts and buying car manufacturers, you and I may as well be wiping ourselves with Jacksons! Guys, spiraling inflation will destroy our country as fast as if not faster than terrorist attacks or domestic enemies! Are any of you old enough to remember Just after the USSR became a democracy? The country of Russia was printing Rubles so fast that they coinage was worth more than the paper money, because it had METAL value!

    Murder of our way of life. A burning nose dive into socialism! A crash landing smack in the middle of Marxist communism! WAKE UP AMERICA! Obamacare is the first open step towards socialism! Read my post about English National Health Care. This just the tip of the iceberg! Below the surface, we have money being funneled into organizations like ACORN, the SEIU, the NEA (for propagandizing of the new Regime)...

    I can picture it now...the New People's Army marching in goosestepping precision up the bulldozed and paved over National Mall, with neat convoys of duce and a half trucks towing ICBM's on mobile launching platforms behind them while large banners of our President For Life wave in the cold October air...THIS IS NOT MY AMERICA AND I WON'T LET IT BECOME THAT WAY!

    Question Boldly.
    Speak Loudly and Clearly.
    Never Back Down.
    Never Surrender.
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    fixed your title.
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    Thanks Melbo!
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