"Blue Haze" in Charleston.... anybody?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Blackjack, Jan 26, 2008.

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    The news was reporting a "blue haze" with a funny smell over Charleston this morning. Anybody in that area? What's up?
  2. CRC

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    SC, or West Virginia?

    I grew up in Charleston, SC....looking at the Post Courier now....so far, nothing....
    My first thought was "It always smelled funny ....WestVaco, the paper mill..." ;)
  3. CRC

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    Ok..found it with all the updates since Friday...

    Wasn't looking in West Virginia....duh.

    (only quoted the last 2 entries on the story..The link has more...)


    Metro 911 is advising people in Kanawha County to go indoors if you are affected by the mysterious blue haze and chlorine smell.

    Commissioner Kent Carper says people in Kanawha County should stay indoors if they feel affected by the haze -- and call 911 if you are feeling sick. He adds that the haze has been reported as far west as Putnam County.
    Carper initially told WSAZ that a shelter in place was issued, but has since said that is not the case. He says the fact that the haze is a mystery is what is prompting the county to issue a warning.
    Carper says Dow reported a tanker car leaking earlier in the day, but he said officials don't know if it's connected with the blue haze.
    The Kanawha County EOC has been activated, according to Carper, who is also the President of the Kanawha County Metro 911 board.
    There is virtually no wind and that will continue this eve.
    That means there will be a higher concentration of the gas/haze over smaller area than if we had a wind blowing the haze affecting a larger area with a smaller concentration.
    What is likely happening, the gas is warmer than the air is rising and spreading outward due a process known as diffusion.
    What is diffusion? The spreading out of a gas in all directions regardless of wind speed, direction.

    Dispatchers earlier told us they've checked with Dow and Bayer, and those companies say they've had no leaks.

    A caller to WSAZ says she saw a blue cloud headed toward her house just off Corridor G.
    Dale Petry, Kanawha County Emergency Services Director says crews are trying to track the source of the haze -- and that it's dissipating as quickly as it appeared. Petry says he doesn't know what the chemical is, but says it has a chlorine-like smell.
    Anyone wanting additional information about the mystery haze should call (304) 746-8749.
    Stay with WSAZ.com for more information.
    Here is the news release issued by Metro 911 at 3:48pm:
    Metro 911 reports haze and chlorine smell over Charleston and South Charleston
    Officials advise if you are in distress, stay inside and do not hesitate to call 911 for help
    Metro 911 of Kanawha County is reporting a haze and strong chlorine smell in the Charleston and South Charleston area.
    Metro 911 has received dozens of calls from the public, starting around 1:15 p.m. today and continuing at this hour.
    Industrial sources of hazardous materials are required to notify Metro 911 when they have a leak or release of such product. At this time, Metro 911 has not received any notification. Metro 911 and emergency managers have contacted all chemical facilities in the region and none report any lost product.
    As a result, emergency officials do not know the source of the smell or what the product is or its origin. Following established protocols, emergency officials have activated the Emergency Operations Center and are tracking the location of the calls.
    The public is being advised that if you are in any form of distress, stay inside and do not hesitate to call 911 for help. Extra ambulances are on standby as a precaution.
    The EOC will stand open to assess and monitor this situation until officials are assured there is no danger.
    For more information, call EOC personnel at 746-8743.
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    [patr][kneelsuckers][gasmask]Google it; lots of blog stuff and local news speculation but .gov is just kinda saying "nothing to see here; move along". As usual, the sheep believe it and go about grazing and shopping and the domestic terrorist hide in their fox-holes.
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    That's okay. They'll issue something in a couple weeks telling people that might have wanted to stay inside during the leak. That it probably was nothing to be alarmed about. :rolleyes:

    Like our water department, sending me a letter a month after the fact: On (date) too much chlorine was added to the system's drinking water. [reddevil]

    Ummm... thanks for the warning. :mad:
  6. CRC

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    Or the Water Company here announcing the "Boil" was lifted....but I never heard about it in the first place..

    Last Tues, 18,000 TONS of raw, contaminated sewage was on the street about 3 miles from my house...and it was reported on the news on FRIDAY.

    There's a sewage treatment plant there, and I saw the guys out after dark, with the hoses and pumps.....I have plenty of bottled water, and used it....

    What about those that don't ?? Or didn't see those guys, since it wasn't reported on the televised local news until 72 hours later??
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    Not sure how a blue haze would be associated with chlorine because all the chlorine leaks I've seen were a green gas.

    Are you sure they didn't see a Purple Haze? [booze]
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