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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Ajax, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Ajax

    Ajax Monkey++

    Recently I started thinking of the best option for a weapon that I can carry in a Bob and or a car when traveling. I love guns, think every good citizen should own one but I think that something simple like a pistol will be fine for my needs. It's easy to conceal, doesn't standout and can be very lethal with training.

    Home isn't a problem but if some disaster happens and I am in another town or working and I can't quickly get home I feel that it would be a good idea to have some form of protection.

    Currently I have two .40 pistols, a Glock .22 and a compact .40. I may end up buying something for the BOB/Car because I keep the other two situated at home in two locations for home defense. I was thinking about getting another .40 since I already have two and I only need to buy one ammo type for all three guns, but a 9mm would be lighter and could carry a little more ammo, I would probably only take a mag in the gun and 2 or 3 spare mags. Then I could go with something like a .357 that would have less ammo but good power and penetration compared to the others. Having a few pistols in different calibers may be good if The poo really hits the fan and things change forever.

    About 95% of my survival planning thought goes into stuff like food, equipment, tools etc.

    In your opinions what do you think, what do you plan for in your BOB/Car setup? Am I over thinking it, under thinking it?
  2. TheEconomist

    TheEconomist Creighton Bluejay

    firearm is under the seat of the car. 45acp is what I do.
  3. Ajax

    Ajax Monkey++

    A .45 is also something I have been thinking about getting in general, a good 1911 type pistol.
  4. TheEconomist

    TheEconomist Creighton Bluejay

    I just went cheap. If i ever need it i will probably not need to conceal it. Hi-Point 45ACP. Works every time.
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  5. PAGUY

    PAGUY Monkey

    Ajax, is there a reason that you do not carry on your person?

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  6. Ajax

    Ajax Monkey++

    I do that too, I usually carry a Micro Eagle .380 since it is so easy to carry or my Compact .40 depending on what I am wearing.

    I'm mainly looking for something that can be contained within the BOB to ensure there is always something there if I have to scramble out like in a severe earth quake or if I am in my car I would feel better with something bigger and more ammo available than what I would normally carry on my person.
  7. TheEconomist

    TheEconomist Creighton Bluejay

    I can understand all of that. I would say a 1911 would work well in this case. For BoB's I usually suggest a .22 because you can carry a large amount of ammunition without adding too much weight. But if the travel to your bug out location isn't very far I can see wanting to have something bigger and stronger. I have the problem that I work in a major city (Pittsburgh), take public transportation (a train), and am not allowed to carry on my person as I work in a corporate bank. I have come up with the option of having one under my drivers seat (I have my CCL) for when I can get back to my vehicle. The other I was thinking about was a safe deposit box. But, there is the problem of the banks being on lock down in SHTF. So I am going to have to get creative if this is the environment I am in when things go wrong.
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  8. PAGUY

    PAGUY Monkey

    First thank you for exercising your second amendment right.
    Now about having a firearm in your BOB stored in your car. If your BoB gets stolen and you the firearm is used in a crime then you could be held liable. If you keep it with you it's a different story. If you are putting it in your BoB go full size.

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  9. Brokor

    Brokor Live Free or Cry Moderator Site Supporter+++ Founding Member

    Are you for real, man? SERIOUSLY, slow down. Please. STOP. Do not proceed. HALT.
  10. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    I don't leave a bang stick of any kind in the vehicle. It's on me. They want the truck and I'm not in it, oh well, but they don't get a gun as an added attraction. They want it and I'm in it, that's a different story. BOB can't use a firearm by himself.
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  11. sasquatch91

    sasquatch91 Monkey+++

    got mine in my truck under the center console, aint a 900 dollar kimber but it will work
  12. Brokor

    Brokor Live Free or Cry Moderator Site Supporter+++ Founding Member

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  13. PAGUY

    PAGUY Monkey

    Nice way of putting it.

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  14. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    I keep a 2in 686 S&W 357mag in one of the Black Hawk serpa holster bolted up under the dash you cant see it and would never think to look there for it. The reason I went with the revolver is dirt and and grim that can cause a auto to screw up plus even in the car I have my G26 or G21 on my person at all times. It is also very easy for the driver to get to with limited movement because the last thing you want is for a zombie to see you jerking around trying to get to it. I carry a box of 50 federal semi wadcutters with 3 speed loaders but one thing to remember I do it every six month change your ammo out. Not saying it will but with the heat and cold changes it could affect the ammo plus it gives you a reason to burn a few rounds ever.y so offten
  15. PAGUY

    PAGUY Monkey

    A little nine to a full size 45.....big change. Good for you.

    Improvise, Adapt, Modify, and Overcome. FTM/PTB
  16. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    Just depending on the location Im going to and what type of threats I may come incontact with just a little preplanning can save the day.
  17. Ajax

    Ajax Monkey++

    I've been wanting to get a revolver lately, although I wanted a 6" .357 or .44. How well does the 2" .357 conceal on your body? I really wish I could more easily conceal my Glock 22.

    Does anyone carry a 1911, I've heard the fact they are thinner makes it easier to conceal IWB?
  18. PAGUY

    PAGUY Monkey

    Ajax, I am guessing that you have tried a IWB for your G22. You are thinking about clothing options right? Wear loser fitting pants and a loose fitting shirt. Skinny pants and an UA shirt do not work well.

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  19. Georgia_Boy

    Georgia_Boy Monkey+++

    My wife always carries in her purse. I asked her some time ago when she told me she topped off the gas tank. I asked her if she had the purse in hand while she filled up and you guessed it, she did not. I got two small Gerber hatchets, one for her and one for my MIL. When they now fill up or get out of the vehicle but need to be by the vehicle they hold the hatchet cupped in one hand. If a perp would approach and not listen to verbal "stand away"s, a tap to the sternum should discourage the perp while they retrieve their respective pieces.
    I keep a 1942 USMC machete beside the console of my truck in addition to my daily carry.
  20. Gator 45/70

    Gator 45/70 Monkey+++

    I don't alway's leave home with her...But

    When i can..I bring my sabertooth neanderthal dog with me... 7-17-12 1932 (800x449).
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