Book Man's Search For Meaning - Viktor Frankl 2017-07-07

Enduring adversity and suffering through discovering meaning in one's life.

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    Book Man's Search For Meaning - Viktor Frankl - Enduring adversity and suffering through discovering meaning in one's life.

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    I have added a YouTube link to an audio book version of Viktor Frankl's book, 'Man's Search for Meaning' to the resource page. I am gratified to know that the resource has been, at this time, downloaded some 1001,times.

    My grandfather had survived for decades in soviet gulags following WW2, and died in the early 1970's in a gulag; and my former wife's grandfather survived some years in Nazi concentration camps, only to succumb to death in Auschwitz, just a couple of months prior to the end of World War 2. Both men must have had a strong will to live, having survived much longer than most who had been processed through both those systems of brutal exploitation and degradation.

    Frankl's book offers some insights as to how such men and women endured so much, and for so long. Some of those insights, I have extracted and have applied to my own life, which is part of an enduring interest In 'survival' that I had already begun as a young teenager, inspired by books about allied prisoners of war during the 2nd World War. I was particularly intrigued by those who had been captured by the Japanese ,and imprisoned in Changi, or who had been used as slave labourers on the infamous Burma railway. I was inspired by the ingenious ways in which the prisoners contrived to make their lives less miserable, and the ways in which the prisoners resisted against their captors through sabotage, disobedience, and by escaping.

    Whatever it is that threatens your own existence, at whatever stage of your own life, it can be made endurable by finding meaning in it, to aid you in your own survival, and the survival of others.
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    Nice post Chell ,, I have often thought of those people ,,,, the ones that have endured some of the most trying times imaginable ,, and the few that lived to tell the story ,,,,, Thank you,, I will try and listen to links you have poste .
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