Book Review: How To Think Like A Survivor

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    How To Think Like A Survivor
    Author: Tom Watson
    Illustrations: Ron Carboni
    192 Pages
    $14.95 U.S.A. $19.95 Canada
    Creative Publishing International

    I found this book at the local library. The librarian said theydidn't have any books on survival, but that that sounded like something they should have, so she would look for something and see if they could order it in. Ten munutes later she came back loaded down with books on the subject. Apparently thier computerized card catalogue didn't recognize the world survival. But one of the librarians did.
    Ain't technology wonderful?
    The book is pretty much your standard survival manual, aimed for those with very little or no prior knowledge on the subject, with very little I didn't already know. But the author did have a few nice tips I added to my bag of tricks. Such as opening seams on outer wear and inserting items like a lighter and an extra knife, then sewing them closed. Or using a permanent marker to write Morse and ground to air signals inside your hood. Those are the nifty kind of tricks I like. Written by a former SAR member and guide/outfitter in Alaska, Watson pushes PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and seems to assume that the reader will be in a group of survivors, and will become that group's leader and medic. Very little is said about solo survival. He also pushes building a shelter before building a fire. I must disagree on that point. A fire warms one, serves as beacon to guide one back through unfamiliar territory while out gathering materials for the shelter and firewood, light to work by if one is too foolish not to stop early enough to make camp, and there's the factor of comfort, safety and a sense of home in a dancing, crackling fire.
    Now, if it's raining, then yes, shelter is a first priority.
    But who here ventures out on even the shortest hike without some survival gear? Including some form of shelter, space blanket/bag, bivy, maybe even a tube tent? That's what seperates us from the people who don't carry canteens in the desert, or even an extra sweater while deep hunting in the mountains, the one's we see missing on the news and must be rscued for thier folley. Having done SAR for a year my biggest peeve is those who get lost on the mountain outside the big city. Hey guys, see that big glow and all those pretty lights down below? That's called a city. Walk down hill towards it and you'll find the parking area and your ride home. No reason to call out a bunch of people to hold your hand on the way down.)
    The illustrations are top notch, clearer than photos would be, except in the case of plant identification. Well written, but a tad wordy, I give it 3.5 Stars out of 5. You could do worse than this book.
    Just my humble opinion, you're certainly welcome to yours.
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