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  1. snowbyrd

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    If you could only have 6 books 3 reference/technical/how to books 3 entertainment what would they be?[dunno]
    What 4 games for recreation/entertainment? [dunno] Not just games but puzzles, cards or whatever.
    Four things for kids to do, figure 4-10 years old or so.
    Think about it for a while, I have been this AM and things keep changing. [dunno] Some books can serve for both ref. and ent. still be one book. Example: Foxfire books, entertaining and reference book. I like Vol #1. snowbyrd
  2. Tango3

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    bob or bi library??
    1) "Storeys basic country skills( a practical guide to self reliance") covers: home; garden/orchard; cooking and preserving,;barnsand fencing.",by John and Martha Storey.

    "2) Life After Doomsday ( a survivalist guide to nuclear war and other major disasters)" by bruce d. clayton takes the mystery out of nuclear survival and general disaster prepping.
    3) A primitive survival skils book, Yet to be purchased Probably into the wilderness by Jon and geri (??)
    4) an edible plants book (?)
    5) A simple home medical adviser/first aid manuals
    6) christian bible ( even though i've yet to read it...and don't claim any organized "religion").
    A road atlas..
    copy of the constitutionand declaration of independance ( just to prove to the kids they existed at one time)
    Lying liars and the big fat lies they lie aboutby Al Franken[LMAO][LMAO]

    Monopoly, trivial pursuit a harmonica and basic books (several they are small, bad choice for shelter living)
    regular deck of playing cards,
  3. Tracy

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    Without being too specific on title or author (because I think we all have our fav's):
    3 how-to/reference books:
    Home remedies/edible plants
    Survival skills
    Complete desk reference (1st aid/reference/multi-language translations)
    3 entertainment books:
    Compilation of Classic tales
    Book of verse/poetry
    Amazing facts/world records (something that keeps the kids blown away)
    4 games:
    cards (at least double-deck)
    dice (lots of 'em!)
    ball (inflatable, round - more versatile than others)
    Wonder Numbers game (the most versatile board out there - challenges for 3-103, can also be used to educate)
    Stuff for kids:
    I've found that with all the money we've spent on toys and such, that the great outdoors is the best source of entertainment for kids and they manage to "survive' without electronic means. Everything in our camping pack keeps them entertained. You might take extra twine/plastic and even tape to see what they might build/create with it. I'll assume that you have digging supplies, which will keep kids busy for a while; dig a hole, fill a hole, build a fort, etc.
    Something that's good for a distraction during stressful times or even with a severe injury is Bubble Solution/wands. Even the oldest of kids (myself included) will reach out to pop a passing bubble.
    If your kids have a favorite something; it's best to have that for their own security and a peaceful night for all.
  4. snowbyrd

    snowbyrd Latet anguis in herba

    My choices, I guess

    tango that was six books, not specified as to what catagory, Uh the herb book, [stoner] ref or entertainment [dunno] Bug in Ok, just 6 books as specified. My choices for books, Bible, Foxfire #1, Small animal Husbandry.
    Entertainment type books, Atlas Shrugged, Origami book and a medical book or a book of knots, my bro in law has one, monkey fists (apprapro) and alot of knots I never even heard of.
    Entertainment: Cards, dice and autoharp.
    Kids 'stuff': Monopoly, Scrabble and Backgammon
    I figgure the 4-10 age group can do origami, Foxfire #1 has "stuff" for them to do, knot tying book does also.
    I enjoy reading Med. books, got a stack about 6' tall, drives the wife crazy that I can sit there and read such 'dry' stuff. Tracy, you are right on about the kids,[applaud] B4 4yrs and after 10yrs things change some, IMHO people need to 'nurture' (ug hate that term) thier kids imaginations.
    I do have fore preps to do, ain't gotta autoharp, yet[LMAO] snowbyrd
  5. Tango3

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    I reject you reality and sbmit my own...

    Really all depends what your bug out is for ... planning to go squat in the national forest and live out of your bag for a week? or just move to a fixed retreat..??

    Impulse problems,[dunno] I realized a road atlas ( or delorme gazette) could become tactically important if tshtf.. Foxfires are great (if not numerous, I don't have any yet...) [flag][dunno]Jackboots will have to take my books..from my cold dusty shelves...
  6. Brook

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    "Encyclopedia of Country Living" by Carla Emery
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