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    Your feet are very important. Any hiker, mountain climber or military soldier will tell you about their favorite boots or preferred footwear. If you spend money on survival, and generally may not know where to drop the most money when considering clothing yourself --take my advice and spend it on quality boots. When you take into account the primary characteristics of footwear, the choice should be obvious. Let's discuss this some more by describing some of the most prevalent areas:

    1. Boots should protect and allow for comfort at the same time.

    Don't skimp on quality and opt for the cheaper brand just because it's advertised as having high protection. Will you need ankle support? Do you prefer warmer boots or will you use a lighter boot with wool socks? Try them on, do some research, if you have any doubt, don't get them. You have to be able to stay comfortable, or you invite injury due to blisters or worse. Sizing your boots correctly is very important. It's really a balancing-act between comfort and levels of protection. Some boots will lean either way, a few will encompass both aspects very well. Try to find a mixture that works for you and your environment as well as the intended use.

    2. Leather is not a bad material...but it's not perfect.

    There are plenty of synthetics out there that can offer a wide range of attributes, but don't count out leather. If cared for properly, your leather boots can last a lifetime, especially when you can have them re-soled and reconditioned. One company which offers a reasonable service for re-crafting and reconditioning boots is Danner. Not all of their boots can be repaired like this, however. The cost of these services generally cost less than a new pair of boots. How can you tell if a boot can be re-crafted? Simple, just look at the sole and construction. If it's sewn and not one, solid glued piece, chances are it can be re-crafted.

    Purchase a boot cleaning/polishing kit and learn how to care for your boots. Leather is skin, and it can rot. You will have to add polish to your leather boots and use water barrier as well as dry them out when needed. This will also cause your boots to break in and wear over time.

    3. Wear the correct boots for your environment.

    Typically, one would not wear a jungle boot in winter, nor would a heavy 600 gram insulated boot function well in the tropics. There are some boots out there designed to breathe and permit moisture to escape while offering a decent amount of thermal protection. Some people use different boots for change of seasons, too. It all depends on your environment and personal preference. Not all feet are the same.

    4. Choose your boots around the activity you expect to take part in.

    Hiking over long distance requires a low-cut boot, usually light weight and made of tough synthetic materials, but can also include leather. A great brand for hiking would be Merrell.

    Rock climbing requires you to actually feel the surface and bend your foot at every angle needed, so these shoes look like form-fitting sneakers. Again, Merrell makes a very good line of climbing footwear.

    Combat boots are designed to be rugged first, comfort tends to be lower on the list, but in recent days this has changed with the requirements of combat in Afghanistan. For many years, a tough leather boot was all that was necessary, but with desert warfare also came the need for a lighter boot, much the same as the needs in Vietnam dictated the use of a jungle boot. Danner makes a TFX boot for desert/hot climates, and I can attest to their usefulness having owned several pair. They are not repairable since they have molded, imported soles, but they are dependable and function perfectly with above average comfort right out of the box. Other brands to consider would be Lowa, Merrell, Danner, and Bates. Do your research and come up with a boot that fits your activity and environment.

    Is there a perfect boot to wear for all environments and every activity? No. And don't expect there to be, either.


    One pair of boots I especially like, are the Tora Bora boots by Bates. They can be worn in most climates and are superior in many ways.

    My likability scale: :5s:
    Tora Bora Overview:

    The ultimate protection for advanced mountaineering and high altitude operations engineered in partnership with the US Special Operations command.
    • Wolverine Warrior Leather and SuperFabric upper
    • Durably waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX lining
    • 200gr. Thinsulate™ insulation
    • Cushioned removable insert
    • The multi terrain Vibram® rubber outsole provides compatibility for crampons, skis and snowshoes.
    • Cement construction
    • Assembled in the USA
    Another type of boot I like for most hunting related activity, is the Danner Elk Ridge.

    My likability scale: :4s:
    Elk Ridge Overview:
    • 100% waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® liner is engineered to keep your feet dry and comfortable - even in extreme conditions
    • 600 grams of Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation offer lightweight warmth for those needing protection in cold climates
    • Durable full-grain leather for excellent durability, abrasion and water resistance
    • Danner's hand crafted stitchdown construction provides a wider platform for increased stability underfoot. This construction makes the boot recraftable in our Portland factory
    • Deeply padded Fatigue Fighter™ footbed for all-day comfort and support
    • The Danner® Backcountry™ outsole features tough perimeter lugs for strength and pliable inner lugs for traction
    • Steel shank
    • 9" height
    • 74 oz
    • Re-craftable

    What boots do you prefer? Post some pics, do a write-up, and participate.


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    Danner write up and photos forthcoming! :D
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    well i have almost completely cut shoe laces out of my life and were slip on work boots 90 percent of the time ... i only wear Jallattes light and my fat foot slips right into them ...
    I have also become acustom to tucking my pants into my boots {which the wife hates and says looks stupid} but i hate walking on the bottom of my pants so this works for me ... people say u have no ankle support but i havent had a problem ...

    Snow boots i go with the WHITES packers.
    and if im not wearing boots i were MErrells .. either a hiking boot or slip on Mock type thing ....

    I will never ever own another pair of redwing slip on boots!!!!!
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    60. 418542_L2?$viewerthumb$ My black leather Danner boots are awesome! They have gore-tex lining, which make them both waterproof and breathable. They're light weight, have incredible traction, and are an overall super comfy pair of boots! They're 8" tall. They have both lacing up the front and an inside zipper for easy in and out. They came out of the box ready to work! Not much break in time was needed. They're as close to tennis-shoe feeling as you can get, but boot performing all the way.

    I don't know how it looks to you in the photo, but when worn, these boots are bad-ass without looking too Butch. [batteye]

    Technical stuff from a Seller:
    Heel-to-toe energy transfer, side support to enhance maneuverability, and protection from arch overwork and fatigue. Danner TFX Lite is an oil- and slip-resistant outsole that gives you grip, traction and stability without the weight. Full-grain leather can be easily polished and is preferred by those in uniform and on special tactical teams due to its durability and ability to be cleaned quickly. Extremely lightweight at 52 oz.

    product~p~52919_05~340.3. My Danner Camo boots weren't as comfy out of the box as my others. I can't compare them to my leather ones, as it's an entirely different feel. They are taller than the leather ones (great for the thick underbrush of our area). Would probably afford good snake protection. The shoe to shaft transition wasn't as friendly as I like in a new pair of boots. Left the laces loose to break that part in. Had me a little nervous when ascending and descending stairs for the first time in them. Soft soled - but rather "clunky" (girl term). As for the foot-fit; they are a nice, easy, wide wear. I probably couldn't find a pair of socks thick enough to make these boots hurt my feet. Gore-tex and thinsulate keeps your feet warm (dare I say too warm sometimes?!) and dry. Side-by side; they have the appearance of being a size or two larger than the leather ones, so there's more boot to contend with.

    Don't get me wrong - these boots are great! And because they're camo; when I wear them, you can't even see my feet. ;)

    Technical stuff from a Seller:When the trail is tough and the game swift, the expert sportsman can turn to the Kestrel GTX. The first hunting boot in the Danner family to feature the patent pending EXO™ support system, it is designed to take the pounding of a traditional hunting boot, but wear like a lightweight athletic shoe. The result is a boot that makes you feel fast on your feet, no matter how far the trail takes you. All without sacrificing the expert grade materials you expect in a pair of Danners-including a GORE-TEX® liner, Thinsulate™ Insulation, Tec Tuff Leather and Cordura® nylon.
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    BLKFJDC Monkey

    I have been wearing the Belleville Tactical Research Mini-Mil Athletic Boot for colder mountain hiking, my Vibram FiveFingers Treksports for trail running, and all else is barefoot. As for "Having" to wear shoes you can't get any lighter or minimal in the categories/situations I'm forced to wear shoes.
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    I just received my order for 10" Danner Fort Lewis boots through These are some of the most comfortable boots, out of the box, that I've ever worn. I was skeptical ordering online because of the variations in fit, but these hit the size chart exactly where I need. They are very expensive on my wallet but the reviews were positive so I took that chance. Only time will tell if they are equal to their reputation, but they feel good for two hours of wear.
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    Those with a cooler work environment in mind may look toward the Danner APB (all purpose boot) for a solution. I don't recommend this boot for warm or desert climates. Also, it's important to note that this particular boot is imported from China. It is re-craftable at least. These boots are very durable, and the all-leather construction makes clean up an easy task.


    My likability scale: :3.5s:

    Crafted with our rock solid stitchdown construction the APB™ is one of our toughest boots, featuring a polishable full-grain leather and rugged 1000 Denier nylon upper, GORE-TEX® lining for waterproof and breathable comfort, and a Vibram® Maltese outsole which provides stability underfoot and superior traction in diverse terrain. Full-grain leather can be easily polished and is preferred by those in uniform and on special tactical teams due to its durability and ability to be cleaned quickly. 1000 Denier nylon upper material is extremely resistant to abrasions, tears, and scuffs, improves breathability, and dries quickly. Danner's hand crafted stitchdown construction provides a wider platform for increased stability underfoot. This construction makes the boot recraftable in our Portland factory. Speed lace system for a quick, secure fit. Vibram® 1276 Sierra outsole provides lightweight comfort as well as supurb shock absorption. The compound guarantees great traction and stability on both wet and dry surfaces. 400g Thinsulate™ Ultra insulation. Nylon shank. 8" height. 74oz. Recraftable. Imported.
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    Combat Boot Overview
    Just a few of the more notable combat boots I have used and tested for your own reference.

    The Belleville Desert Combat Boot

    My likability scale: :3s:

    Info: Tactical Design Combat Boots 8" (Standard Military Height) Full Grain Tan Cowhide Leather and CorduraTM Nylon Fabric Cushion. Polyurethane Midsole. Polyurethane Removable Insert. VANGUARDTM Running Shoe Sole Construction. 100% Rubber Vibram Sierra Outsole. ACU approved. Made or Assembled in USA.
    Personal Experience: Upon first wearing these boots, they did fit well and offer good support. However, I immediately wore them the same evening on a land navigation course, placing my feet to the challenge. Tale my advice --never do this with a new pair of boots. These boots do lack padding on the inside, at the heel and along the tongue, but they are a basic desert boot, after all. They do hold up well, the construction is very good and the speed lace design is exceptional. With proper breaking-in, most may find these boots to be very accommodating. These boots are not waterproof.

    Danner Acadia Desert Combat Boot
    danner acadia.
    My Likability Scale: :4s:

    Info: Men's Danner Desert Acadia warm weather military boots. Cool. Comfortable. Built to serve. Proven to be a safe bet for thousands of America's bravest. These performance Boots were designed specifically to meet Army demands. Handmade, one by one, in Portland, Oregon: Rough out, full-grain leather upper offers serious protection and toughness and is designed specifically for hot weather conditions, providing mildew resistance, breathability, and low water absorption.; 1000 Denier nylon upper material is extremely resistant to abrasions, tears, and scuffs, improves breathability, and dries quickly; Dri-Lex lining provides excellent vapor transport, is extremely quick drying, is completely breathable, resists odor and mildew in hot weather; Vibram Sierra outsole with multi-directional lugs that offer maximum traction and stability over various terrains; Stitchdown construction provides a wider platform for increased stability underfoot; 8" of support and stability; approx 35 ozs.
    Personal Experience: I have to say, these boots are fantastic. Compared to the Belleville desert boots, I find these to be a step above for several reasons. They are comfortable, easy to break in, and have more padding and support as well as better shock absorption. I have worn these boots in the snowy winter of Germany to the deserts of Iraq, and beyond. I will say that they hold up very well. I do not recommend these boots for extended use in winter weather, due to the fact that they will eventually absorb water and remain wet until dried out. They have a light Thinsulate lining, but the boots remain breathable. For all around toughness, I would definitely recommend these boots above most for desert wear.

    Danner TFX Rough-Out Boot
    danner tfx.
    My likability scale: :4.5s:

    Info: Made for soldiers to pursue combatants over diverse terrain, the Desert TFX has a rugged and aggressive outsole and Danner’s patented lightweight TERRA FORCE X system, which provides stability and support. Designed for agility and breathability in hot, desert-like conditions, the Desert TFX incorporates a Dri-Lex liner, which mitigates hot weather with superior air and moisture exchange.
    • Rough out full grain leather
    • Rubber sole
    • Pro-Tec non metallic toe version meets or exceeds ASTM
    • Cushioning Fatigue Fighter Footbed
    • Danner's TERRA FORCE X Platform
    • Speed lace fastening system for secure fit
    Personal Experience: The very best desert combat boot I have owned and used, in my opinion. I have owned three pairs, and still keep a pair at the ready. For the amount of comfort and protection these boots offer, I just can't see a better desert boot in the same price range. Compared to the Danner Acadia above, the TFX boots are very close to the same as far as overall likability goes, but these boots are a bit more comfortable, with about the same amount of protection, perhaps a little less than the Acadias. However, I did not give them a full 5-star rating because they are molded and do not have stitch down, re-craftable soles. This means you basically throw them away and buy new boots when it comes time. Right out of the box, these boots are ready for action. Both men's and women's styles are available. Highly recommended.

    Converse Desert Side-Zip Boot
    converse side zip.
    My likability Scale: :3s:

    Info: Converse waterproof side-zip desert tactical boots for bone - dry comfort. Because you never know, it might rain in the desert! Go ahead. Splash through puddles, shallow streams and mud. Your feet inside will be dry as powder, since these stompers are totally waterproof. Along with built-in foot-pampering comfort. Traction. Stability. And 100% Converse A-1 performance. Suede leather and nylon uppers; Converse waterproof construction; Sure-grip rubber outsole is anti-slip and oil resistant; Shock-absorbing EVA midsole; Fully gusseted YKK side zipper with grip-strip tab; Removable, polyester-lined, polyurethane insole with TPU heel stabilizer; Padded tongue and collar. Each approx. 8 1/2"h., 26 ozs.
    Personal Experience: These boots are very good for tactical operations, being light weight and offering tremendous traction. They really are waterproof to a fair extent, but I never really tested them outside the average wear of barracks use and moderate field use. They will keep your feet warm, even in below freezing temperatures, but I do not recommend them for extended cold weather use. These boots are very, very comfortable, much like a tennis shoe. They will hold up decent, the zippers are strong, the lacing is good, but with combat oriented use in mind, they will wear quickly. These are not re-craftable, and are basically throw-away boots once worn beyond use. A little too warm for desert wear in my opinion. They will not offer much for protection, however. Decent support. Overall, these are good desert tactical boots for those with "super quiet tactical" use in mind.
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    Have three pairs of milsups that I rotate daily. Pair of Vasque hikers for "Sunday go to meeting" wear-lol, and two pair of black milsup in the BO gear. About 20 pair of cushion soles have me ready to roll. Almost forgot the pair of winter "mickey mouse" booties. Those are the warmest boots you can get. Did have a pair of camo hunting boots with my hunting gear(kept it outside on the rear patio) but some samitch "borrowed" them.
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  10. Elessar

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    Two weeks in my Ft. Lewis Danner's and my feet are smilin! These boots are some of the best I've ever worn.
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  11. Akheloce

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    I've worn all manners of military boots over my career... Danners, Coves, Bellevilles, matterhornes, etc. If it is black, tan, or green and found in Clothing Sales, ive probably worn them.

    For off duty, I wear Zamberlan Vios GTXs. They kick the crap out of the military style boots for hiking, backpacking, and hunting. Lightweight, excellent support and traction, and most importantly dry quickly when wet. (Something all the mil types definitely lack in)
  12. Byte

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    Got a pair of the Bates recall USMC RAT Boots from LA Police Gear back in November. Love 'em! Very light, very comfortable & seemingly quite durable judging by the abuse I've put them through so far. Obviously they aren't an all season boot but I wore them all winter and when it got pretty darn cold. Did swap back to my Wolverine's for the melt. Not sure the vented RAT's would be as likable after stepping in the first puddle...

    Bates E29502 USMC RAT Boot Closeout Looks like they still may have some of the sizes in!

    Here was a thread about them on SB that prompted me to grab a pair.

    Bates E29502 USMC RAT Boot Clearance $39.99 - Survivalist Forum

    Really wish I had ordered 2 pairs. Or even 3 at that price.

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    DSC00017.JPG DSC00018.JPG

    Dr. Marten's :4.5s:

    With some brown shoe polish to keep them looking great, these Doc's are gonna last a long time. The tread is very good, comfortable feel and excellent cushion/shock absorption. The lacing is strong, and the low ride boots are a great compromise for city/urban work environments, offering ankle protection and mobility.

    Dr. Martens is the stuff of legends. It all began near Munich, Germany in 1945 when Dr. Klaus Maertens injured his foot in a skiing accident in the Bavarian Alps. To make walking easier during the healing process, he designed a shoe with an air-cushioned sole. Using old rubber tires, he constructed soles that had air trapped within closed compartments. He showed his prototype to his engineer/inventor friend, Dr. Herbert Funck, and together they decided to develop and produce the shoes. Not only did the shoe solve the doctor's immediate problem, but it also started to sell well in Germany. By 1959 the two decided that they needed a company to produce and distribute the shoes, then called Dr. Maertens, in other parts of the world. At first, many manufacturers rejected the concept of an air cushioned sole as a short-lived gimmick. However, the R. Griggs Group, located in the village of Wollaston in England, decided to go along with the idea by creating the first work boot with the revolutionary sole. On the first of April 1960, the first cherry red eight-eyelet work boot was produced and named 1460. To sell the brand name better in England, the name was anglicized to Dr. Martens. The range was branded AirWair and the rest is history.
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  14. kellory

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    I went through three pairs of bates with fit or zipper issues. I am now wearing a Chinese Interceptor boot. Look just like the danner boots posted by Tracy (black with inside zipper and laces.
    No issues yet, and these have seen a full year of hard use, and lots of ladder climbing.
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  15. melbo

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    TR101_main. Just picked up a pair of minimalist boots from Belleville (Tactical Research)
    The TR101 Mini-Mil Mini-Mil ® Minimalistic tan quick-drying unlined boot

    I wear Vibram Five Fingers all year long and have gotten used to being barefoot or wearing no-drop shoes like the VFFs. Found the mini-mils and thought I'd give them a try. First impressions are that they are fantastic for my needs.

    I'll probably toss up my own review but here's the preliminary details. Note that they were made for me as in "conditioned warrior athlete" ;)

    A true minimalist boot featuring a 2mm “drop” between the heel & forefoot, the MINI-MiL® is designed specifically for the conditioned warrior athlete currently training in minimalist athletic footwear. This quick-drying unlined boot is not only highly breathable, but lightweight too - weighing less than 2 lbs a pair.
    • A true minimalist boot with a 2 millimeter “drop”
    • Exclusive Vibram® “Tarsus” oil and slip resistant rubber
    • Highly breathable unlined leather & nylon upper
    • Double & triple stitched seams for enhanced durability
    • Padded Achilles support
    • 8” height
    • AR 670-1 Compliant


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  16. ditch witch

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    I love my Doc Marten Ironbridges! Originally got them for work back in mid '11 and they still look great. Walked all over rough pasture on a daily basis in them, as well as up to 6-7 hours a day walking urban areas a few times while on vacation. There was never any break-in period. Just comfortable all the way. They ARE heavy, which took some getting used to but they're my go-to footwear when barefoot or heels aren't an option. :)

    Sales Pitch from their website:
    Classic Dr. Martens industrial footwear refined in design with the best quality materials built to the highest standards.

    • 8-Tie Lace-to-Toe Boot
    • Water resistant leather upper
    • Cosmo Cambrelle Moisture Wicking Lining
    • Agion® Treated Anti-Bacterial Smartmask® Insole
    • Ballistic Mesh Padded Collar
    • Padded Tongue
    • Dr. Martens air-cushioned sole, reistant to Oil, Fat, Petrol and Alkali
    • Goodyear welted product, upper and sole are heat sealed and sewn together


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    I like the 40.00 Brahma hunters from walmart for many of my hunting needs, sa they are lightweight and last about 3 years. I use Lacrosse alpha Burley with 1000 Grams of thinsulate for wading in snow or swamp areas, and mickey mouse boots are the best for me
  18. GOG

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    For snow: Sorel Caribou boots. I have a pair that are at least thirty years old. They are on their second felt liner and are almost ready for the third. Some stitching on a vertical seam by the laces finally tore out on one seam last year, so I took them to the shoe repair and had both boots re-stitched in that area. One for the repair and all of the seams just because it seemed like a good idea.

    My every day boots are some Corcoran rough out 8" desert combat boots. They're very light and have Vibram soles. I've been wearing these for around five years or so and they're still going strong. It's time to replace the insoles this year, but I figure I surely got my money's worth out of these. The stitching is still tight and I think they're capable of another five years or at least close. I've been wanting a backup pair for just in case and finally found a new pair that had been used for display. This model has been discontinued. Unless it's pouring rain Old Testament style, I wear them daily.

    For extremely wet days: OTB "Bootistan" boots. They're a high hiking boot style, waterproof and built like a tank. My only complaint is that they took a very long time to break in.

    BLKFJDC Monkey

    I love mine. After a year and a half there still going strong. I as well am a barefoot or Vibram Five Finger guy. Mostly barefoot. These are the best boot if you don't like thick soles.
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  20. Brokor

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    BATES Tora Bora

    Follow-Up and Improvements

    I decided to try and make these boots perform the way I wanted since I invested so much money into buying them to begin with. If you were to conduct a search online, they are still being listed anywhere from high $300's to over $500 per pair, making these boots a serious investment. Arguably, a really savvy shopper *might* be able to find a pair for less on Ebay, but it's a risk and your size may not be available.

    I didn't like the lacing setup, they were always in my way. I could wrap the ankle and tie that way, but it always works itself off and creates a problem. The design of this boot is not like any other I have had. The material is very thick, and it does not hug my feet. There is quite a bit of extra lace material, and I didn't want to shorten it. The laces will work themselves off and fall around front and get in the way eventually. Also, tucking the laces into the boot will always make your day miserable, and very uncomfortable. Again, these are not like other boots. I have worn boots most of my adult life, being in the military, and trust me when I say what I am saying. In conclusion, I went with a Velcro strap.

    DSC00047.JPG I knew I couldn't sew through this thick material, so I used contact cement, only on this first stretch of the strap.
    DSC00046.JPG As you can see, it fits nicely...
    DSC00051.JPG When it is closed, the strap does not get in the way.
    DSC00049.JPG DSC00050.JPG This is what it looks like all cinched up, laces stowed properly.
    DSC00048.JPG Opening and closing is easy, and since the strap is now attached to the boot, I won't lose it.
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