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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by GOG, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. GOG

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    I've been reading a thread on another forum about smoked cheese and it got me thinking. I've been wanting a smoker for some time so I finally bought one.
    When I bought a new barbecue grill about five years ago I cheaped out and just bought a regular charcoal grill. It would have cost another hundred dollars for a grill/smoker combo so I've had some regret that I didn't go for the extra money.

    At any rate I found this model that uses charcoal and went ahead and bought it yesterday. It should be delivered next week some time. This is the one: Dyna-Glo 36 in. Wide Body Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker-DGO1890BDC-D - The Home Depot

    I went with charcoal because it's easily replenished and as luck would have it, a neighbor just trimmed three or four apple trees and I can have all the trimmings I want. It should make for some nice flavors.

    Now I'm fantasizing about juicy brisket and other smoked goodies. :)
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  2. Ura-Ki

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    That's awesome! Do yer self a favor and make a run to ACE hardware and puck hp some actual Charcole chunks and break that sucker in. Use a water spray bottle to mist a little water in the char box to drop the temps and slow the burn. Add in your smoking wood as needed and enjoy!
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  3. GOG

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    Excellent! Thanks.

    I've actually been making my own charcoal this Winter. I have Madrone and Oak at this point. I'll grab that apple wood in the next few days as well to use for more flavor.

    The smoker won't be here for some days and my mouth is watering for some serious brisket.
  4. smithcp2002

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    I cheated, bought a char-broil 3 in 1, inferred grill, fryer and smoker. The Big Easy. We have smoked a couple of turkeys, burgers and hams with Apple wood chips from tree trimmings. The apple makes it smell like bacon.
  5. GOG

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    I plan on smoking my own bacon. I want to make some smoked pancetta as well. :cool:
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  6. azrancher

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    I cheated too, the local small chain of h/w store/lumber withdrew from here when H.D & Low came to town.
    I picked up a pellet grill/smoker for 40% off, was going to wait till the 50% hit, glad I didn't they would have been all gone. It doesn't have a label but I think it's an Englander. I smoke ribs in it just about twice a month, and it does burgers great. The backup is a propane fired Weber, I see no purpose in getting a big green egg... I'm doing Brats in the Weber right now.

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  7. GOG

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    Yeah. It's a meat thing.
  8. Lancer

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    I've got the BG Egg. Purchased with a broken top for peanuts. Poor guy didn't realize all the parts are available relatively inexpensively. I'll be doing a prime rib, bone in, for Christmas dinner. 20 minutes per pound at 190 deg gives me three hours of heat time and an hour rest before carving. yummy!
    Seriously though, the best part of the device is the ability to get 24 hours @ 200 deg without opening it to add fuel, and it's immunity to ambient temperature. Pork shoulders and brisket deserve to be treated that way. We eat a lot of pork. Helps that the farmer next door lets us point and say "that one". A week later I'll stop buy for the poor thing: all trussed up in butchers wrap, ready for the freezer. After I vacuum pack it of course.
    Brisket trivia: if the steer is right handed. ie: lays down on it's right side, the left brisket will be more tender. The right brisket will be tougher because the cow uses it to push itself back up to stand, so it gets exercised more.

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  9. GOG

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    The smoker is supposed to arrive today. I've got a tri-tip defrosting for my first attempt.
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  10. 3M-TA3

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    I went the Traegar route - mine is actually an Anniversary present from Mrs 3M about 4-5 years back. It does a hell nice job and opened up a whole 'nother world. Come SHTF, though will need mods to use wood chunks or charcoal. Best would be a separate fire box. Also I use pellets sold locally from actual hardwood as opposed to Traegar who adds flavoring to a base wood :sick:.
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  11. GOG

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    The smoker arrived yesterday and I got it assembled. I'll try firing it up to season it later today. First we have to make a trip to the vet in town for my dog. She's been off her food and lethargic for about a week now.
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  12. 3M-TA3

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    Hope she's feeling better soon! She needs to help you with your new smoker by taking care of the scraps!
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  13. GOG

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    Thank you. Sadly she's got some serious issues but this isn't the thread for it.

    So I'm doing a tri-tip today. I plan on burning some oak in the wood stove and when it's down to coals moving it into the smoke box. In fact I should go do that now. I'll post results at some point.
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  14. GOG

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    Well for my first try it was acceptable. I wound up leaving the meat in the fridge for two day with the rub on, so the salt really came through a lot more than I wanted.
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  15. Ganado

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    @GOG no picture no proof! :p

    cant wait to read your next smoking experiment!
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  16. GOG

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    Next attempt will be a pork shoulder or butt.

    I have some oak fire wood that I used and it imparted a fairly decent flavor. The too much salt problem wasn't too bad, but you sure didn't need to add salt.
    On a more positive note, the meat was cooked a pretty good medium rare to medium.
    Next try should be better.

    The picture shows the bowl of a bird bath that I stuck under the smoker to absorb heat until I get to Home Depot for some cement insulating sheets. The plan is to put together some form of outdoor cooking area.

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