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    I have been thinking about this and figure i would type it out and get some input from some of you. I really dont think i would ever bug out but i want to be prepared for anything so i have to plan to. I do have a bug out location a 150 miles away or so, but things would have to be really bad here so i would not be the first on the road. I would be dealing with possibly stalled cars and everything that goes along with it.

    I have an 08 chevy crew cab pickup. I currently have a roll up hard cover on it. I went with it because i like the roll up ease and the fact that when its closed and i lock the endgate everything is secure. I do not like having the area in the front of the box that takes up room for gear and i do not like having delicate metal on the edges of the box which can not be dinged up.. so i may switch to a topper. (I had a topper on my other pickup and really found it handy.) some say they are not nice to look at but i dont care about that, but with the new pickup i (the wife) wanted to keep it looking sharp. I may bring my old topper from my BOL and keep it here and if something happens i would switch it out. I love toppers because you can pack the back end solid and not have to worry about how your going to strap it down and its out of site ... but i digress..

    I also have a pickup box trailer with topper, its a half ton but i am going to up grade to a 3/4 ton so i dont have to worry about weight. This with my 08 chevy would be my primary vehicle and trailer.

    Backup is a 94 chevy blazer with small older toyota box trailer (from the old school small toyotas) I am trying to find a topper for it but not that easy since i dont want to spend a bunch on it..

    My trailer tires have slime in them and i have slime on hand for the truck and would add it to the tires when i bug out.. this would be a preventative so as to avoid a flat tire on the road .. in case i need to take the ditch or there is junk on the road..

    Ok thats my set ups.. now to the packing.. i have read a couple stories from people who have bugged out and picked up on some things .. Like

    Gas at the end so it can be retrieved easily (with funnel). and then water and food but dont bury the clothes to deep..(gun is always on the hip)

    I do usually have a bag of snacks in the car when traveling anyway (its became a habit or must have for my family so everyone asks b4 we leave) When i stop at the gas station i always get extra drinks (usually bottles of H2O) for everyone.. in a bug out situation i would have pleanty in the cab. I keep an empty crushed 2 liter bottle for bathroom breaks and adapters for the ladies.

    Now when i think about packing i dont know what to keep in the truck and what to put in the trailer I think food and water for the most part in the truck but what about guns and ammo.. clothes.. should i split it evenly.. I would be taking a generator and lots of gas too.. I just think about if i have to ditch the trailer for some reason i would not want to have to sit on the side of the road repacking everything..

    I would love to have a fuel tank in the back of my truck and run a line to my gas tank on a valve so it would prevent any stops.. if anyone know of a good one that doesnt take up a lot of room let me know..

    I would love to replace my windows(except the windsheild) with lexan or something but i dont think that would be very nice for the day to day use and resale would not be cool.. I do have a older two door pickup I have thought about trying that with, that too is at my BOL but i could work on it and see if its do able.. if anyone has a better idea for this that doesnt involve a body man and thousands of dollars let me know..

    Well i think i have hit everything for now.. if you could list any suggestions you might have or what your set up and plan is i would appreciate it.. and if you have an answer to the fuel tank or window question that would be helpful too..

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    replace topper windows with hinged doors, you can reach all the way up front without unloading
    if youre leaving that late youre safer staying home
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    As for a gas tank I don't know exactly how he done it because IM not very talented with a welder. I know a guy who worked for a company and he drove a Ford F-250 and they gave him a gas card. He took and welded I think it was 2in tube steel or aluminum and made an out line of the inner bed. Then welded a bottom and top on it and used a gas tank end welded to the tank to fill it and put a line from it into his tank with a twist shut off. he said he kept it full of desiel and had no problems til they caught him. I don't know how safe it would be but they make the flat tanks that go on the back of atv's. and he said he could haul the same with no problems as well. might be something to research.
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