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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Grape Ape, Mar 24, 2011.

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    I do a little archery and i'm looking at getting a bow as a long term investment both for hunting and as a survival tool.

    If TSHTF I would like a bow that I can both hunt with and defend myself with if need be.

    The problem I am having is what type of bow...

    Compound, recurve or longbow.

    My only real criteria for a survival bow is that it has to be maintenance free or close too it.

    I imagine a situation after TSHTF of possibly a few years or more where there will be no available archery repair shops.

    So far I am looking at a 'martin archery bamboo viper long bow'

    Should last a lifetime with little to no upkeep.

    but what about compound bows... once they are setup will they hold their own over the years, or do you need a lot of tools and such to keep them in tune.

    Also is there any benefit of one type over another as far as shooting goes... I see the compound as more of a short range tack driver.

    Thanks again !
  2. Brokor

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    I was a long time avid bow hunter. I know for hunting, it's a solid choice to go with a bow you are comfortable with and use in expert fashion. I have stored my compound bow for years and used it without tuning, although care should be taken with the string and how much wax is used. I don't know if I am supremely confident enough to give tactical advice on bows, as I wouldn't even consider it myself. Some may suggest going with a crossbow for those purposes, however. In this modern age, with the potential "enemy" being a fully trained military/police force, I don't recommend any solo attempts at combat. Evade and escape become priorities in such an instance. Even with small groups, it is a most precarious situation...but, if it comes down to survival and no other choice is available (fight or submit), make your plans solid and choose your friends well.

    Like Bear usually says, your best tool is between your ears. Most people can make just about any bow into a very effective weapon, but there is only so far you can push your luck.
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  3. -06

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    At our gathering two yrs ago primitive weapons were displayed and practiced with. He brought two bows that he made. The Oak/Bamboo laminate yielded 57 #s and the solid produced 55 lbs. Both are fully capable of taking a deer. Last fall he came back and did a sling class.
    I keep a cross bow and my old 65# compound stored. A crossbow is a fearsome thing. At 150+ lbs it will zip a bolt right through most targets at great ranges. May not be as reliable as a long bow in the long haul but about the only thing that it needs is an occasional string--I keep several spares.
  4. E.L.

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    You can pickup a bow press for not to much for work on a compound bow. I would not want to have to use one for self defense, would I if I had nothing else, yeah it's better than a rock, but even with a good kill shot in the torso it takes a while to bleed out and the offender could remain upright and deadly long enough to kill you. Just my two cents. I love my compound, anything in 40 yds. I have all the confidence in the world in taking. I used to shoot at 50 and be very profficent, but right now I just shoot at 40 and under. I shoot a Mathews Reezen.
  5. hank2222

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    I have a BowTech 82nd compoud bow set up for hunting that i got through Hunter Friend company that can set up for you by them
  6. Bear

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    For this and shtf... I like crossbows... specifically... Excalibur.... JMHO...

    Oh yeah... like Brokor said... make sure you've got that stuff between your ears squared away first...
  7. Disciple

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    A compound bow is one of the best purchases you can make. I myself have a Matthews bow that I can take just about any north american game animal and put it on the ground. That could provide enough meat to help you survive in the wilds. Just remember You dont have to have a 70 lb pull on your bow, get a bow that you feel comfortable with, Make sure it fits you. when you make your purchase get a quality target then wear it out shoot at it 150 times a day if you can, get proficient with your bow. then take care of your bow. When you buy Arrows, Buy a higher quality arrow, I use both carbon express and Gold tip. both companies make an excellant arrow for a decent price.
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  8. AlaskaErik

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    For a SHTF scenario I think there is a place for a bow, but it should be part of a more comprehensive arsenal. I would not want to try and defend myself with a bow.
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