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Discussion in 'Politics' started by CATO, Jul 16, 2012.

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    How can somebody be so right and then be so wrong at the same time? Well, I guess the quote above explains it.

    To be fair, Obama was on a roll...then he tripped and winded up with foot in mouth. Typical.
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    Actually He got it WRONG... the Internet was born in ACADEMIA, by three guys who wanted to design a Grand Scheme, to connect many diverse Networks together, with a Common Protocol.... They Invented the IP protocol, UDP Protocol, then the TCPIP Protocol... When they published the Spec, some very wise .Gov types over at DARPA saw the papers and thought " Hey what a wonderful IDEA... Let give them a couple Million, and see if it works..." and the Internet was born..... Now those .Gov guys are saying "DARPA invented the Internet".... and their Masters (ALGore and all the other Politicos) are saying "We invented the Internet." that is just "So Much BS, THAT IT STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN" Before IP there were Telephone Lines that connected Academic Computers all up and down the West Coast. U of W in Seattle, had a TieLine from their Boroughs Mainframe, direct to the UC Livermore Labs Twin Boroughs. That UoW Boroughs Mainframe was directly tied to a CDC PDP-10, in the basement of the Health Sciences Building on campus. The PDP-10 had a Data General MiniMainframe that was used as a Front-end I/O processor. I had an Account on that Data General, and that is where I meet and chatted with Uncle Billy, back when he was a kid, at Lakeside. Oh Yea, and there was this SnowBol Program, that got run on the PDP-10, one night, that not only crashed it, but brought down the Boroughs, the Twin Boroughs, and a few other Might BIG processors, on the West coast TieLine..... Lots of Red Faces the next morning, over that one.... It wasn't my code, but I did have a process, that was running during that timeframe, and some very nervous .Gov Types were snooping around for days after.... asking a lot of strange questions.... They finally just went away..... Oh, those were the early years of computing.....
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    Damn, BT you are vintage aren't you...
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    Older than dirt.....
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    SNOBOL? Learned some of that in my first computing class at Iowa State. Type up the punch cards, turn them in at the Comp Sci center. Check back the next day for results. Here it is or sorry it didn't run. The real computer programing students worked there. If you were lucky they would have mercy and tell you where your mistake was. Funny, back in those days Iowa State had a large Agricultural Mechanics department. Took a welding course my senior year.

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    I once had a PDP8I that I had to baby set some nights. Last line effort after the disk drive failed ( 8 inch floppy) and the paper tape failed was to reload the program by the BCD input on the front of the panel. All the time the Big Dogs are wondering why it takes so long.

    Had them by the stones and always made them stay on the other side of the glass, so's they'd not break my thought path, other wise they chattered like a bunch of tree rats, they usually stayed in the heat and humidity for a few minutes and then disapered.
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    For an excellent history on the beginnings and early days of computing, the real 'hackers' when that name meant something good not bad, and how the companies and internet began, read the book "Hackers" by Steven Levy. I learned of the stories of many programmers and company creators involved in a lot of the computer games and companies I used.
    When I attended the local V0-Tech school for my IT training ("Data Processing" it was called then) I missed the punch card era, thank God! Started in Fortran, then RPG-II, Assembler (which I liked!) and finally the meat of the course was COBOL. They even then kept saying COBOL and Mainframe were almost dead. Now twentytwo years later, I am still servicing and writing COBOL programs on a Mainframe. DINOSAURS FOREVER! :D
    I expect they'll finally get everything onto servers about the time I retire. Til then, I call myself a "Digital Paleontologist", keeping the dinos fed. Some years back, I had to literally resurrect a series of computer jobs for our internal billing that had been killed when replaced by a server-based application. Two years later, the data company we are customers of are asking why the main billing data file had NOT changed in two years!! That was the file used to calculate our billing and it should change month to month. The idiots here had not looked at all the files and how they were used. Some inputs were no longer available - but I got my little zombie system working again, and it saved the department the $1,400 we were being over-charged each month. My mainframe system itemized all charges instead of just prorating it all, as the newer system did. I had saved all my reports that I kept running even though the system had been 'killed', so I was able to go back in time and show the big bosses where we had been over charged. The bosses always like it when you save them a lot of money!
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    What started as a thread to piss you off and make you want to punch or toss your computer out of a window because Steve Jobs was an overpaid government employee, makes one smile to see the digital reminiscing that Buffoon Obama is an [AH] and a [FF]

    **Note: I am so happy to have my cheese eating surrender monkey smilie.
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    Using the B.H.O logic, the government built Federal Express and UPS. It also built the US Postal service that will not make it's $5.5 billion retirement pension payment and has already lost a few billion in the first quarter of this year. So far this year, they are $7.5 billion in the hole.

    I mean how can one government created entity have a $7.5 billion dollar loss and the other two, Fedex with a and EBITA of $2 Billion for the last 12 months and UPS with an EBITA of $3.8 Billion.

    Me thinks only one of these runs like a government created company. However, the government did build the airports. So, it must have created the business.
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    Let's not forget the shining star of Govt. Motors....the Chevy Volt--the good idea that didn't.

    Of course, a failure anywhere cannot be tolerated, so they lie and print to rewrite what is:

    The one thing no one is mentioning is how many business owners the govt. forces to fail because of ridiculous regulations. You could write a book on it....nevermind, John Stossel already did.

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    I would like to see how many small business owners who WERE going to vote for the Kenyan have changed their minds after the "you didn't build that" speech.

    The empty chair is a nice touch eh?

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