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    I just finished building a motorized bike I bought off the internet. It's a 26" beach cruiser with a 66cc 2 cycle engine. It will go about 30 mph and around 98 mpg, less when I get every thing on it. I'm storing it in the back of my truck with all the extras, gas, oil, tools etc. I also have a bicycle cart that will haul 160 lbs to but my gear in. I'm on the road away from home a good bit and my need this to get back home especially if we get hit with an EMP. I was going to store a bicycle in the back of the truck anyway and thought why not put a small motor on it. I've read where some folks have been getting 4-5000 miles with these little engines. I figure if it takes a dump along the road I'll remove the chain and use the bike with out it. I went on a 30 mile cruise today and it worked great, I'll carry a siphon hose and some extra 2 cycle oil, I figure if we did get hit with an EMP there will be a lot of cars abandon along the road so gas shouldn't be a problem. I think the biggest problem will be getting around people that would like to (borrow) my transportation. I listened to a prepper say the other day, the biggest problem preppers will face is getting separated from the preps.

    This is not my bike, however its the same thing

    Update, this is what the rig looks like inside my truck. I have taken the front wheel and handle bar off and Velcroed them to the bike. The white bucket holds the oil, siphon hose etc. I will carry the gas inside the cart along with my bug out gear.

    Motorbike. motor bike in truck.JPG
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    Great idea.
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    Brand name?
  5. thermax

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    I purchased mine from BikeBerry.com
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    One of my older motorcycle buddies has two of these - has had them for years. He likes them for local runs to the store, etc.
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    Can they climb a 25% grade?
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    I'm not sure it will do that, living in South Florida we don't have allot of hills to climb except going over the interstate bridges. I bought mine to just get me home if I'm out of town a couple of hundred miles. I can lift the whole rig up and put it on a bike rake or carry it in the back of my pickup. It is what it is, it will pull me ( a little over 200lbs ) a 35 lb cart with 70 lbs of gear in it, gas, oil for the gas, bug out bag small tent and sleeping bag. It sure beats peddling a couple of hundred miles. Hope I never get to test it out for real.
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    Just gotta watch for the gators and pythons.......
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    Whos winning the pythons or the gators?
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    Hey Bud...Go run that puppy this weekend for us...Weather permitting..Not only for yourself...Hell we want to know about real time...Thank's man...

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    Yeppers, inquiring minds want to know. If it can handle the hill and dirt roads, I'm going to have to get one.
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    These are the re-incarnation of the "WHIZZER" bikes of the fifties.We get them through the shop infrequently. Break them in carefully and use only TCW3 oil and they seem to be dependable enough. Being chicom made some of the components like gaskets and throttle cables aren't as long lived as the more mainstream(jap) engines. There are also kits out there to power a bike you may already have.When you put together your load out you should consider that if the engine grenades you will be back to pedal power only.
  14. DKR

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    Reminds me of the old "WHizzer" bike


    Rumor is they will be back into production - but as a Henco en China product, of course.
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