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    I dissagree

    Well, I watch the first one only, and have to dissagree with most of what he said.

    I will stand with my fellow man to help defend his rights.
    Our rights are not from our selves but God.
    And I have a plan to go some where with my bug out bag. It is just to help make sure I can get there with my family.

    Do not let this guy convince you not to prepare.

    This guy is self centered, and I do not want him near me in a battle.

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    His first video is a giant hypocritical rant. He says creating a BoB is self defeating because you are preparing for failure and saying it's akin to having already failed.. as odd as that sounds, he then goes on to say that he's prepared to die .. alone I might add, in defense of his castle. eeerrm.. isn't that the same context? I don't plan on dying at all. I'd leave my house so that I could make sure I was IN the battle for as long as possible. I PLAN on surviving.. that's the whole point.
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    It is a turd in the punch bowl:
    even though its titled "bug out bag craze."I think he asks the uncomfortable question: " what chu' gonna do( when "they" come to the door)?" What can you do? we see the vids from the Katrina house to house ( getting people to do what the gubbermint dictates).

    you get the bang on the door(bang-bang-bang): "sheriffs dept"! you have no excuse moral or legal: " well I thought they were gonna rape and pillage;sorry they were just there for your guns that day.And if you shoot they will retreat and come back with a bigger fire team.

    I just could never really come up with a good ending to that scenario. There's a tactical disconnect between being the partisan group in the woods popping up to play insurgent and being the focus of a house to house like we saw in katrina. People will argue: "that's stupid we will never see house to house searches". and their cousins wil pipe in "they ARE coming for our guns."

    Now peaceful evac from a disaster or "get home kit" is different. Dis guy doesn't address that...and he is just some guy on you tube I ran across byaccident....

    I'll admit I was" 'net binging" and bored and wanted to stir up some discussion...
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    I just don't see his argument. A BoB is a plan for success.. not failure. Though I do contend that a BoB is not always useful as a 5 minute bag. I tend to think of mine as a "ready kit" if I can't take anything else with me.
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    well; I can't,argue with that UGREV... I've always seen see it that way too. I've got a backpack with necessities for a few days walk in the woods packed too..
    I Don't know what to do with the"door to door" scenario he mentions.(in a way that makes any sense).

    Perhaps that's the debate he raises; and that topic is best reserved for the pub or the range...
    (end of thread...)
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    He's the only one I see limiting himself to failure. He seems to associate the BoB as being only associated with one scenario. And everybody waiting individually for them to come for them one house at a time? The limitations he's placed on himself are so narrow minded it's hard for me to even express in words...ah well, can't save 'em all. Nor do I have a mind to.

    Glad he's not my neighbor!

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    He immediately equates the bob with federale's kicking in the door"..

    I don't know if anybody's taken the time to watch the second one basically he says:"we are beyond the point where we need to"worry" about every new regulation or news item. "the die is cast". hyperinflation is coming.
    better to be spending time on physical preparations:
    "I think he has a point there..."
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    There are an untold number of reasons for keeping a BOB. The people of Chernobyl would love to have had one. When two towns in the Carolinas were evac'd last year they would have loved to have had something prepared to sustain them for a few days. We keep not only BOBs but evac containers. We can leave indefinitely if need be. We also keep plastic "flip top" shipping containers empty and staged so we can "sweep" our pantries, spice racks, and loose ammo/powder/etc. All our reloaders are mounted on 2 inch thick boards so they can be moved effortlessly. I DO NOT plan on bugging out but we are ready if need be. Makes it mighty nice when camping. We have virtual kitchens, pantries, and spares for most everything loaded and ready. Lots of our preps are stacked in plastic milk shipping "boxes". They have handles for easy handling and we try to keep the weight down so even the smallest person can handle them.
    His reasoning about not having a BOB is seriously flawed-- it is not an act of defeat but one of surviving what ever nature, uncontrollable events, or over powering forces may come your way. Even using his logic-- better for me to run and be able to fight on my terms and turf and at my time. Being "Gung Ho" and going out in a blaze of glory will not accomplish very much. Being alive, well armed, and supplied will afford one many chances to "even the score" if that is your goal.
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    That's right and that is a basic tenet of guerrilla warfare. Stay mobile. Surprise the enemy in unconventional ways. Heck it's what the Iraqi Republican guard has been doing for 7 years!
    But, hey, if someone wants to make a "last stand" on their property, I respect that decision. I wouldn't call it "survival" but that's just me.

    My beef with the BOB is that people have a misconception of what it should actually be. So many people make the mistake of packing up a wilderness survival outfit without some BASIC FORETHOUGHT.
    Are you in shape to survive in the wilderness?
    Can you REALLY feed yourself?
    Do you know where you will go?
    Do you have caches there?
    Are you in good enough physical condition?
    Who else will you find there?

    How many situations will actually SEND YOU TO THE WILDERNESS?
    That means you are ready to abandon ALL of your possessions and live like a cave man! Really?!?
    How will your kids and wife fare?

    A BOB is necessary, but should vary according to your situation.

    In mine, it (will be - a bit disorganized right now) a bunch of stuff all packed up in the garage that can be moved into the van so that we can all retreat safely to (motel, relatives house, campground?) And survive for an extended period of time there.
    Man, even if you have a stack of warrants, you're better moving to a city and assuming another ID.

    If you really think you will retreat to the wilderness, better set up a permanent retreat. Even if that means a large cache on public land with tent, food, arms, medicine.
    These BOBs with a knife, flint and fishing line are a bit of a joke.
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    One thing our military excels in is pounding fixed targets...going toe to toe is the absolute worst "survival" strategy I can think of.
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