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    Wanted to see what everyone is carrying in their bug out bag fishing kit. What are your thoughts on what to carry, how much of each thing, and what is most important to you? Here is a video of my long term bug out fishing kit and I think it includes just about everything someone would need. You can always add more but I put my emphasis on lightweight! Look forward to hearing some new ideas from everyone.Thanks!

    YouTube - Bug Out Fishing Kit
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  2. Equilibrium

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    Zebco ReadyTackle telescoping rod and spincast reel. Lightweight and compact. Gander Mountain had them.... I think they were only like $30-$40... can't remember.... it's been a while.
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  4. Seawolf1090

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    My 'minimalist fishing kit' is a roll of line, a few hooks and sinkers, a few flies.
    My 'small travel kit' is a pouch with 7 foot break-down rod, a small Zebco reel and small kit box with the hardware. Got it for motorcycle fishing trips.
  5. BAT1

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    That's a big kit, good for base camp. For my 3-7 day pack, I use 150ft of spool braided line, which I can also use as sutures, a variety of hooks, a couple of corks, three Carolina rig set ups, and about ten to twelve artificial baits, a couple of YoYo's [check for state to state legality] and an ultralight rig [Shimano 1000, Ugly stick] I have turned into a three piece pole with glue in unions. I'll dig for worms.
  6. hank2222

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    I have the Socalled U.S Army survival fishing kit i found at the a gunshow and since i had been to survival school that the one i have in my survival kit ..But i did update to he socalled Gearpod's system of survival supplies inside the kit

    The company is called Advenure Gear System www.gearpods.com is there website go and check them out ..I went with a multi kit set up in a small wasitbag for use in the backcountry when i'm out scouting the area or hunting or working to keep on me at all time's when i'm away from the large supplie's in the vehicle
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    I have always wondered if fishing with a pole would be effective in shtf situations or is fishing like that more of a sport, just asking as I haven't fished all that much but it seemed to me the time I did go with people who fished a lot, there would be some very hungry days. I remember when I was about 10 shooting near fish with a 22 under a bridge and they would just float to the top where you could pick them up, but left alone for a moment they would swim off again. Also it seem in the 3rd world countries where people depend on fishing they use nets more or trap them.
  8. Witch Doctor 01

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    Use Dupont fishing lures.... 60% dynamite... works every time as does a hand cranked magneto...

    Not that i advocate the unliscensed use of either of these methods of collecting fish...;)
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