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    I do a lot of cooking my lunches at work out of my BOB with stuff like the powdered broccoli cheddar cheese soup, Rammen noodles, other dehydrated soups and so on and also plan to make up a few different soups and stews of my own from dehydrated veggies, beef jerky, bacon bits, and so on. I will post some of the recipes I do from time to time later but was wondering if anyone else did up stuff them selves for their packs and so on that were easy to cook and have real food in a short time that don't require refrigeration and don't have the excess bulk and weight of canned goods. If you have any recipes or ideas lets hear them. The main thing is that they cant take more than 20-30 minutes tops to cook (about 10-15 minutes tops once water is boiling) and have to be able to keep for several months at least just in a zip lock bag in a trunk or tool box.
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    If you are up to being a test case, check this link out:


    The whole site is dedicated to freezer bag cooking. That's when you put dry ingredients into a zip lock freezer bag and add hot water when needed. Backpackers have started going this route due to weight and cost of prepackaged meals. Some of these sound pretty good, and I believe shelf life would be fairly long.

    Pick a couple and let us know if they are worth making.

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