"Bugging Out" from your "bug in" location...?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by dragonfly, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. dragonfly

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    Recently, I was up north moving some equipment and trailers around, and looking at the "newest" acquisition of land, that which I was supposed to have purchased back in March of 2009....
    Anyway, I go to the bank here in about 40 minutes today, to send off the escrow money, and get all those danged nuisance papers signed and notarized, for the new parcel.
    Meanwhile....a lowly neighbor of my "caretaker", is busy "building" a "bug out trailer"! Now you have to ask yourself what is this person thinking?
    He is 45 minutes from the closest town, over roads/terrain that tears the heck out of the biggest and baddest 4wd's I have ever seen....!
    He has solar, and all the amenities for "living off the grid", and has been doing so since 2 years prior to this time.....
    Now, why would this person suddenly need to have a bug out trailer to leave all that he has built and worked for ?
    I have no answer.
    When asked why he would even think that a bug out trailer is needed, much less where he intended to go when they leave.....
    The only answer was "to bug out into the forest", a denser area...I know the area he spoke of, and yeah it's dense alright. In fact, it is such that there is no way a trailer or even a medium sized vehicle could pass thru!
    I mean I'd think twice before attempting to try an ATV in the area.
    Then there's the HUNTERS,... that know that same area all too well, and go there each and every season...Not like this person that has no idea of where he is heading, or what to do when he gets there!
    I'm confused.....!
  2. thanker92

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    I never understood that mindset either....the only way that I'm bugging out is if I have no other choice....like a nuke or other WMD.
  3. ghrit

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    That is my thinking too, with the additional fillip of what I might do if the hacienda were burnt up unrelated to MZBs, nukes or other.

    In the words of one for whom I have a high regard (me [loco]) "ALWAYS have a Plan B."
  4. Byte

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    C,D,E & F can't hurt either.

  5. hedger

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    EMP Got Me Off The Dime

    I pretty much felt like my family and I could cope with just about anything that nature or man could devise.

    Then, I read One Second After----freaked me out.

    That nutjob in Iran is very busily developing better and better missiles at the same time that he is working to develop nuclear weapons.

    I took note that many in the arab world celebrated the 9/11 attack.

    Just imagine their delight if Iran were to launch a nuke, set it off about 200 miles up (no immediate casualties from that blast) and watch the selected target area "melt down" as all electronics get instantly "fried" from the EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) effect.

    To me, this is the one single highest threat in the near term. Apparently, Iran does not yet have missiles that would reach us and the necessary nuclear warhead to inflict that EMP upon us.

    Upon considering that EMP liklihood, I made a big change in my ways. I am now in perpetual preparation mode--not just mindset but also building the inventory of food, first aid stuff, etc.

    What was the factor that got you into this mindset?
  6. Nadja

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    I also believe that one of our most likely shtf situations would be the grid melting down. It more then anything else would bring this country down to its knees in just hours. Weather it was done by nukes , or the sun would not matter, only the end result.
  7. bnmb

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    For me, it was always EMP...years back, but not nuclear, solar EMP. It would induce over 5 million volts in electronics. That's why al my preps are not dependent on electricity...All manual.
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