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    Outfitting preppers has become big business, and there are a lot of nifty products appearing on the market aimed at those who wish to cover all the bases in anticipation of a potential SHTF scenario. Freeze-dried foods, survival equipment, high-tech weaponry — there are hundreds, maybe thousands of products available geared towards the modern-day survivalist.

    Most of us have bug-out bags at the ready and are constantly modifying and improving our stockpiles, equipment and survival strategies, so it’s always nice to see new developments in survival technology — whether or not we can actually afford to purchase them.

    A case in point is the Survival Bike from MOTOPED — the perfect gift for the “prepper who has everything.” Before I scare you away with the actual price, let me make you want one as badly as I do…

    The Survival Bike is actually a moped designed to be, as the MOTOPED website puts it, “a utilitarian, military-inspired super-hauler,” ideal for bugging out in style on two wheels. It has a primary fuel tank and two auxiliary tanks which allow up to 500 miles of travel without a fill-up.

    Like all true mopeds, it can be pedal-driven as well as engine-powered, which could make it very useful in a number of situations — for instance, if stealth is required, pedaling the Survival Bike would not attract attention due to engine noise.

    It comes equipped with “a universal rack that accepts a myriad of bolt-on mounts, harnesses, and fitments,” which allows for wide range of payload configurations, although with a mere 49cc, 2.47 horsepower engine, the amount of stuff you’ll be able to carry will be limited — especially if you’re any larger than a horse jockey or a ballerina. However, the makers claim that the rack will accommodate up to 50 pounds of gear, which is a respectable amount, I reckon, for a small two-wheeled getaway vehicle.

    The Survival Bike is essentially a mountain bike with a motor. It has a rugged-looking design which, in theory, makes it a quite versatile bug-out vehicle — it could prove to be very handy in situations where one might be traveling on-road and off-road.

    With a top speed of 24 mph, you won’t be able to outrun much of anything other than possibly someone chasing you on foot, which makes one wonder whether or not a dirt bike would be a better choice, but once again, the ability to pedal the Survival Bike is an advantage that a standard motorcycle doesn’t offer. A dirt bike is great until you run out of gas and can’t obtain any more, and dirt bikes make a hell of a racket.

    For those who really love the concept (and who perhaps have more money than brains) wishing to go a step further, MOTOPED offers the ultimate moped survival vehicle: the “Black Ops” edition of the Survival Bike.

    The Black Ops edition is an upgraded version that includes additional features, some of which might be seen as useful — others perhaps as overkill, or even downright silly “bells and whistles” — such as a crossbow, hatchet, shovel, climbing rope and karabiners.

    My impression is that the basic Survival Bike is a nice concept and, even at a base price of $2,499, might be a worthwhile purchase for those who can afford it.

    The Black Ops edition seems suited mostly for rich guys who want to invest in a survivalist status symbol. I think that a personally customized version of the basic Survival Bike makes a lot more sense than shelling out the extra thousand bucks or so for the added features that come with the Black Ops edition.


    Look: This bugout MOPED can get you 500 MILES on a single gallon of gas
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  2. Meat

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    Cool. :cool:
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  3. Salted Weapon

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    Nice but those spokes need an upgrade they do not look road warrior worthy
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  4. Merkun

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  5. Seawolf1090

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    Cute, but it would soon break under my weight, nevermind any gear! I'd need at the very least a 350cc dualsport bike. But due to health reasons, my riding days are well behind me.
  6. DKR

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    That's not a bike.

    This here is a bike:
    Sydney AU to London UK.

    CT-110 AKA a POSTIE

    Lots of mods - like a side hack

    or just carry a lot of stuff
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  7. Ura-Ki

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    Neato, and ya swap out the Put-Put with. LIFAN 150cc torque monster and ya got a useful load!
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  8. Wildbilly

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    A cheap used mountain bike with solid rubber tires, spare chain and a few tools would be better. You can travel nearly 100 miles per day and/or carry heavy loads. One hundred years ago bicycle troops were considered elite troops in many armies of the world, especially in Europe and Asia. I was recently thinking about a road trip out West and got to wondering how I might get back home to Alabama if something happened. Basically, I would need a bike, high energy ration bars, water filter, .22 rifle and/or pistol, maps, snares and fishing gear, first-aid kit, clothes, and basic camping equipment. With a lot of luck I might make it home in a few months.
  9. AxesAreBetter

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    If that is the one I looked at, I think I am over the weight limit for the motor...
  10. hot diggity

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    I've got one of these in the barn. Fun to ride, but once the gas runs out the pedaling and the weight will kill you.

  11. HK_User

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  12. apache235

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    The Motoped is very comfortable BUT, just peddling it is a pain. It's geared high and for a lot of work you don't go far or fast, it also gets about 100 miles per gallon (at least mine does) the aux tanks just hold more gas which you put into the main tank when you run dry. 25 MPH is an easy cruise but they are not all that quiet, better than a dirt bike but not quiet. with the 49cc engine you do not get kick start nor can you clutch it, it has a 2 speed auto tranny which is ok, but I should have gotten the 125 cc motor. Not sure if that makes it a motorcycle under Mich law though. This thing has no registration requirements and is fun to ride. I see that they've changed a few things and lowered their price, not sure that's a good thing.
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  13. apache235

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    HK that's a stationary stand, the bike itself has a regular kick stand on the left side
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  14. Illini Warrior

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    not a 100 years ago - just back 70+ to WW2 >>>> the Japs took Singapore using their bike troops - the Brits came ashore at Normandy carrying their folding bikes - some even had bike paratroopers ....

    the VC and NoVts used bikes to haul cargo on the early Trail days when it was jungle path ....
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  15. arleigh

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    500 miles to the gallon is not realistic.
    Not even 100 miles to the gallon is realistic , but I'd believe 50 miles per gallon is.
    I had an Allstate moped as a kid and that was 2 stroke , not much power and miserable to pedal even on the flat roads .
    I believe it is important to have as much practice riding as possible. Being on a motorcycle is a whole nother world from being in a car or truck . For one your invisible to other traffic, two there are some folk that resent cyclists motorcyclists not withstanding.
    third ,if you are breaking in a new bike take nothing for granted it may need to be repaired and you need to either have it repaired and or do it your self including tire repairs..
    IF it has tubeless tires your ahead , but a tube tire requires disassembly and re assembly .
    Fourthly load.
    These bikes are designed for city paved roads ,all added loads decrease it's life . dual sport bikes are designed for off road in which case this is its primary function . better chain ,suspension, frame and other design differences .
    I don't recommend wearing a back pack on any 2 wheeled vehicle, it throws off your center of gravity. It needs to be as low as possible , preferably a small trailer .which are fairly common. or build one using the same tires/wheels the motor cycle is using .
    If the bike becomes permanently disabled you can hand draw the cart with your gear .
  16. deMolay

    deMolay Monkey+

    Then there is the ROKON. I used to have a Honda 90 Trail loved that thing it would go off road as well as hwy at slow speed, maybe 65 but was excellent off road. Rokon
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  17. Ura-Ki

    Ura-Ki Grudge Monkey

    I still have my Honda Mini Trail 50 from when I was a kid, has the 150cc engine in it now, amd is plenty powerful enough with the added bonus of being small and light enough to fit in the trunk of many cars, and its easy to lift it over stuff when needed! Has a range of about 50 miles on 1 gallon, and has a 2.2 gallon tank on it!

    There are also scooters available from Europe, many are little two strokes, but just as many are four strokes, and many of those would be neato to have as a SHTF rig! Buddy is really big into the Lamberetta brand of scoots and knows all thr mods that really improve them and make them reliable too!
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  18. SB21

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    I remember those old Rokon advertisements in the magazines in the early 70s. Back in my adventorous days I wanted one of those pretty bad. My little mini bike just couldn't do what those were advertised to do. And it wasn't because I didn't try.
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  19. Bandit99

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    Nahhh… I would rather have a good old fashion heavy-duty bicycle than that thing. It's cute though...
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  20. Motomom34

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    I had a homemade motorized bike in front of me the other day. It was going the speed limit (35) and the guy would occasionally peddle but that bike was impressive. Dirt bikes are loud but mopeds and motorized bikes would be quieter if one ws bugging out and wanting to be stealth.
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