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    I started building for unexpected weather when I bought this place. It had two tanks, rather a large lake and a tank. Now it has two more tanks.

    I built the Dome as a way to prep for hot or cold and with a $120.00 electric bill last month it's working. That is for two meters the house another dome and a large shop with welders and machinest tools etc., and of course the water well for daily use for us and the cattle if needed. And no we do not raise the inside temp just yet. Set at 74 and happy on those hot days.

    Someday I may go off grid, if I live long enough and it becomes cost effective or if there is no other way. Having lived with diesels and batteries as well as some wind power in the past I'll live with what I got for now.

    Building your place for weather also means placing the house on the best coordinates for sun gain in the winter and sun shielding in the summer.

    This also means clearing all trees around the house for 100+ feet, this for fire and general security.

    You see I figured on wild fires and almost put in an internal tank for fire suppression, money and all just stopped that part.

    Exterior of concrete means low maintenance and long life.

    Double pane windows with argon filled helps a lot too.

    And right now we do not even have curtains down stairs. I have no desire to live in a dark hole in the ground.
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    This thread is about prepping and security.

    You wanta see? Email me and I'll give you the address and meet you at the front gate.

    I will provide links to some of my suppliers.
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    The domes are the interesting part, thanks for the links. The rest of your preps and gating scheme are site specific, and of limited interest outside your (or similar) AO. So far as fire fighting goes, that is also interesting, but is the only clue as to your AO, leaving a, um, rather large area to find you, so that too is ruled out of general interest. The size of the tanks might be relevant if you have an unusual water need beyond domestic use (tho' some could well be interested in the quantity of stock you are watering and for how long you plan on needing the water in storage) but if it's for fire fighting, sizing and delivery rate criteria are of much greater interest to those of us a bit far from the fire house. (My house is gone if there's a fire of any significance up here. (I have to fell a couple more trees for clearance.) That's why there's a sleeping bag and survival stuff in the shed.)

    I won't be at your gate wanting a looksee. Your AO is someplace a few more hours than I need to drive for a short visit.
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    Water is not only for stock but for local firefighters. Wildland Tanker Trucks have access and of course permission at any time to refill, at two of the four sources. The largest is 1000 feet long by 100 feet wide. Depth varies and the Beaver keep the brush down on most of the rock ledged lake.

    I clear more land each year and have a "burnt earth" zone aka heavy grazing by stock around the structures. None the less enough will never be OK if a real fire comes.

    FWIW. I have fire fighting equipment (PE) and you might be interested in In this PE I have a Fire Bag, this is next to my BOB and the FB contains basic fire fighting wear for Wildland Fires. Not too good for structures as they are more for rapid movment than for bunker fires.

    Basic load out starts with a new pair of plain old leather Mil Lace up Boots, socks, kevlar pants, nomex shirt and jacket, fire gloves, mask for light smoke and of course the Xcaper mask, Fire helmet w shield , fire hood, and goggles.
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