Building going well and we are blooming

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    Work on the lean-to's is going well. Our 2 youngest boys came up this last Saturday to help shingle. It was great but we ran out of shingles. It was 48 degrees on the 18 of June.
    Dave knew we would and plans on getting 5 more packages this Friday. He wanted to wait until we got what we had on to see how many more were needed.
    Almost time to start on the walls yeaaaa.
    I got to cut our first batch of rhubarb out of the garden area and I made rhubarb/plum jam. Just the cooked down type to thicken it as I don't like all the sugar one has to use when you use pectin to thcken it.
    Today we are supposed to get to low 80's in temps and then back to around 60 for a high on Friday.
    Our apple tree bloomed last week to.
    I did a book give-away of a couple of the books I have written and people enjoyed that.
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