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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by <exile>, Sep 11, 2007.

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    Does anyone know what type of places carry bulk beans (25#, 50#, etc.)? It seems that SAMs Club, Costco only carry Pinto beans but we're hoping to get some other types. We can buy them online however shipping is painful and almost cancels the benefit of buying in bulk.

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    I have gotten a variety of beans and other dry goods from honeyvillegrain,com. They have good product, fairly fast shipping, and their shipping rate is a flat $4.59, no matter how much weight. They usually ship UPS ground. I find them good people to deal with.
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    Super 1 had some bigger bags/food service stuff, but I haven't looked in a while. I have some nitrogen packed instant potatoes in #10 cans from there.
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    Another great dried bean is a perauno bean. Its a light colored bean that you cook like a pinto bean but to me has a better flavor and absorbs other flavors from the other things that you cook with it. JMO.
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    Better yet, buy your own beans and individually pack each container with oxygen absobers. Then put them in those white 5 gallon buckets with dry ice. Wait a few minutes after putting in the ice for a final "burp" on the seal, then seal any way you like.

    Beans are dirt cheap, why not do it yourself and save the price of having someone do it for you?!?
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    Well, I'm kinda looking at bean info now. That bean thread is great info.

    So while I'm looking around, I noticed that beans tend to come in 25# bags instead of 50# like grains come. Does a 25# bag of beans fit in a 5 gallon bucket? Anyone have any good recipes using just stored foods? I know I could pick up the cooking with stored foods book, but I'd like to try a couple recipes first.
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    I would recommend both these books by peggy layton - despite any bad reviews amazon have published...

    Cookin' with home storage

    Cooking with beans and Rice

    I could copy one or two I suppose, although I find the best method is to improvise and use your imagination with any cooking. For example, pinto beans sweetcorn, tomatos, chilli, and lentils make a lovely combination :)
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    I'll check out the links. Don't scan any. I was hoping someone could recommend a couple good recipes on the web.
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    I don't know how much your looking to buy at a time but these people ship free if you order over $75 worth. We haven't bought from them ourselves. We normally just do bulk orders at our local health food store.

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    Silly question OGM, which people?
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    My bad I kind of forgot to add the link. :oops:[imwithstupid2]


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    I've had a few from here:

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    Great site slots. Thanks
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