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    I like to own my stuff , renting (besides property rent =TAXES ) leased is a trap in my eyes.
    100# is the largest I can move filled . I buy expired 100# if there clean for dirt cheap on craigslist .
    Use my 100# in date tank to refill the expired one for storage .Delivery trucks here is the most expensive way to buy LPG.
    the dated tank in service is always used till the stove go's out . Then that tank is ready to refill & little pig is open up , tank is used till the in service tank is back & if I don't need to transfer .
    I have 2 in service tanks 4 years gone on 12 Year tanks (USA Tanks), Canadian gets 10 years , but they sell them a year old or more sometimes ) Auto switching regulators LPG [​IMG] This way there is no tools needed when I need to transfer tanks NOW , just turn on the mini pig that's always hooked up . 2 tanks can be hooked up but only one is supplying LPG. I can gang my tanks as well [​IMG] Sloth
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    Look for the date stamped on the tank. You have to be within 12 years of the latest date stamped on the tank to be able to be legally filled. At least that's the way it is here in my AO. I've taken any old rusty dirty grill sized tank to any exchange site and just swap them out for a filled newer tank. Usually around 15 bucks. Tractor Supply will refill them with 4.7 gals for about $ 12.75. If you have an out of date tank, you can try calling your main propane supplier and they may be authorized to re certify the tank. I've got a 100 lb tank they said they'd re certify for me for 5 bucks.
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    I assumed it was proof the tank wasn't stolen, but it might have to do with leased tanks.

    Funny thing, one of the 500 gal tanks I got was for free. Friend of a friend has a company tank (leased) on place he bought, and didn't want to use that company for gas, so he calls them and says 'come get your tank off my place'....calls them a couple times, and the last time they said 'we have no record of that tank, ain't ours, (despite their name painted on it), quit calling us'.....so the guy was sort of "OK...now what do I do ?".

    Enter me....ahahaaaa. I went and picked it up...took a rented Bobcat and another buddy with a trailer for the tank out there, picked it up for free (guy just wanted it gone), and it was 60% full ! Took it home, sanded it down, repainted it, and called the SAME company (they were the cheapest at that time) to come fill it. The put me a new primary regulator on, and tied the line into my existing setup for a small fee.

    I keep that tank and the other tank I bought in reserve, and use the underground tank for our house supply. Tank full lasts me a year (cook top, water heater, small wall heater rarely used), so I have a minimum of 2 years in reserve. Also keep a dozen 100lb bottles stored, so that's another ~275gal, and maybe 6-8 of the 20lb bottles.

    Our biggest consumption of propane by far goes to water heating. IF times get tough, and it doesn't look like re-supply is much of an option, I'd change the propane water heater to a wood fired one....which would mean building a fire under it to get hot water, no more "on demand" convenience, but propane for cooking only would probably last us a decade or more.

    Stainless steel water heat tank (neighbor of mine works at local American Water heater plant) I plan to use for wood heat.

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    Is that a natural gas SS heater vessel?
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    Yes....it had a coil up inside originally that the hot exhaust gas from the burn was to circulate thru...also the bottom was convex dome like the top. I took it to a welding shop, they cut the bottom off and reversed it....taking the loop coil out at the same time. Then they welded me a 6" SS pipe up the center for a chimney/heat exchanger so I could use wood under the bottom. Finally pressure tested it to 175psi.
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