Bunkers in vogue as cold war fears rise

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    Bunkers in vogue as cold war fears rise

    By Bojan Pancevski in Vienna, Sunday Telegraph

    Last Updated: 12:55am BST 17/06/2007

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    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD>It may sound a lot of money for an unsightly steel cube, but Germans are queuing up to pay £60,000 for the latest addition to the garden: a prefabricated nuclear bunker.
    With fears of terrorism, natural disasters and a cold war revival on the rise, a German company has tapped into the climate of insecurity and produced the continent's first ready-made fallout shelter.
    ABC Guard - its name a reference to the protection it is said to offer from atomic, biological and chemical warfare - invites potential customers to "rely on absolute security made in Germany" as it restores an industry thriving on fears that have not been felt in the country since the withdrawal of Russian troops from former East Germany.

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    Oliver Langwich, an ABC Guard sales engineer, said: "The war on terror is increasingly making the world an unsafe place and there is talk of a new cold war or even nuclear confrontation. And climate change is fuelling fears of natural disasters. Modern and safe protection 'made in Germany' is our answer to all that. We have found a market niche."
    The Hanover-based company, which markets the product with the slogan "a safe place in an unsafe world" opened for business in April and already has more than 200 clients on its waiting list.
    The portable shelter is a steel cube fitted with a life support system and a power generator. It can be transported on a lorry and built into the cellar of any house with a garden within a week.
    The container in the basic version is 21ft by 10ft, surrounded by 12 inches of reinforced concrete. It is equipped with an air purification system and a hand-driven generator, and can house up to seven people for a month.
    Its makers claim that it can protect users from nuclear and chemical attacks, as well as earthquakes, storms and avalanches.
    The company is looking for partners to cater for an expanding market in other European Union countries, including -Britain.
    Germans have not been worried about the prospects of a nuclear holocaust since the early Eighties, which saw a brief trend of the rich and famous fitting their homes with bunkers for fears of a nuclear showdown between America and the Soviet Union.
    "The German engagement in Afghanistan has sparked a string of terror threats," said Mr Langwich.
    "Everyone knows it's just a matter of time before we are hit by something similar to the Madrid or the London -bombings."
    Brigitte Grote, 40, who lives with her engineer husband and their eight-year-old daughter, commissioned a bunker to be built in their new home in the southern town of Regen. "I'm doing it for my child," she said. "One doesn't know what will come. I want my family to be safe in case of emergency."
    Other bunker owners were more cagey, with one businessman owner preferring to keep his identity a secret to avoid having "the neighbours knocking on his door" in times of crisis.
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