Calculating dry goods, serving sizes ect.

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  1. Ajax

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    Does this sound right.

    One 5 gallon bucket with 40 lbs. of rice just about fills it up so I think it is pretty close to the 5 gallons, maybe 4 3/4 gallons at the least.

    1 gallon equals 16 cups of dry rice
    5 gallons (40lbs of rice) should be close to 80 cups of dry rice
    80 cups of dry rice equals about 240 cups of cooked rice.

    So, 5 gallon bucket of rice should produce about 240 1 cup servings?

    Does the 1 cup dry equals 3 cups cooked hold true for rice and beans? Does it vary much with different types of rice and beans?

    For ease of cooking I am planning on buying more lintels and split peas.
  2. tacmotusn

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    I can only answer with regard to beans. Pinto, navy, kidney, In my expierence, 1 cup dry produces very close to 4 cups. When I can dry beans, I thought my jars a little shy of full, so tried and extra 1/4 cup. Big mistake. Blew up 3 jars out of seven and one didn't seal. So 1 cup dry equals 1 quart or 4 cups cooked as far as I am concerned.
  3. Ajax

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    That's even better than I thought.

    What about the number of dry cups for 40 lbs or 5 gallons of dry goods? Does 80 cups dry sound right? I need to measure it out to be sure but figured I would ask.
  4. Ajax

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    Does anyone know of a dry goods conversion chart online or something like that?

  5. hank2222

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    this a little off the subect but when measureing out of a bucket i use a single sized measureing cup from Amazon .com that you can get from the website ..It design to measure out one cup size at a time from the bucket ..

    I have a series of sized plastic wide mouth bottle that are to be filled with the diff dry mixs that i have in the way of potatoes and rice and beans and corn and other powder items to be used to fill up the bottles from the buckets as they are need ..
  6. Pax Mentis

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    5 gallons is going to be 80 cups no matter what it is...16 cups per gallon.
  7. Ajax

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    I guess what I am trying to determine is the volume. If you just go by pounds, 40 pounds of dehydrated carrots will fill up more 5 gallon buckets than 40 pounds of rice right? So I am just trying to make sure the cup to pound ration applies to rice and beans. I need to measure out a gallon and see how many physical cups you get.
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