Californians Find Their Green Energy Is Useless in a Blackout

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Yard Dart, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. Yard Dart

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    Gas Prices Soar as Californians Find Their Green Energy Is Useless in a Blackout
  2. sourdough145

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    Only for those who are battery less grid tie only. Unless they are using Sunnyboy inverter with switchable off grid capability.(2000 watts if sun is shining). I run a grid tie but have a 48vdc battery/UPS to run what I need. Confused neighbors when their power is out and the see our big screen TV and lights on.... FWIW. Cool thing is I don't even need to get out of my Lazyboy as it switched automatically. Lights don't even blink.
  3. Wildbilly

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    I'll bet it was hard to watch the game what with neighbors knocking on the door! Seriously, some folks could get very upset! Reminds me of an old Twilight Zone episode.
  4. duane

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    Yep, all the electric cars are dead, no power as fire danger shut off power and most grid tie doesn't work without grid, utilities going broke as cost of electricity generation goes up as they are paying for both expensive 'Green" power and still have to maintain the "dirty" generators to provide power when the wind don't blow and the sun don't shine. System is getting older, parts are getting more expensive, more people are living in fire areas, won't let them build fire roads or control the fire danger, wilderness you know and mother nature, lawyers convinced juries that PG & E has the money and should pay for every thing and of course the lawyers get 30 % or so. Politicians and left blame it all on the big company greed, if it weren't for their huge profits everything would work out fine. PG & E stock went from a high of around $70 to about $7 and if the vultures from Wall Street have their way to maybe 3 cents. The left answer is that it should be taken from the greedy capitalist and given to the people to control. You are either participating in the collapse of the system if you live in the area, or observing it if you live outside the area, and of course since it is an emergency caused by that horrible capitalist system and climate change, the Federal Government should pay for it all. Close to 20 million people in Los Angles metro area, almost all of their food, power, water, medical supplies, everything that is required to live in a modern society, has to be brought in. It can only exist if it can either sell something to pay for those needs, get someone else to pay for them, or take the things it needs from others. A few million more illegals will have no impact on the final solution and I hope that term doesn't reflect the horror of the collapse of the Third Reich and its use of that term. Unicorn farts are not a reliable source of power and I don't see a lot of companies being willing to supply California's needs for IOU's, either written by those in the state or by a bankrupt federal system. Hang on to your hats, it is going to be an interesting ride and if you are in the area, your neighbors are of course going to insist on their fair share of everything, its for the children you know. I wish I could turn on the sarcasm warning, but reading the news on the net of the bankrupt case, the reports of the fires, the speeches of the politicians, the disconnect of the mainstream media from real world, etc, it is no longer possible to use that excuse. I hope and pray that somehow we will muddle thru this sea change, but it doesn't look hopeful.
    It is not like it hasn't happened before either, Zimbabwe, Union of South Africa, much of north Africa, the former countries in central Europe, so much of the world, I just hoped that somehow with our system and the Help of God we could escape the collapse and I would not like to see our beautiful country changed into a replay of Afghanistan written large as our future.

    Latest from California, Gov. Newsome said PG & E should do the right thing and get out of bankruptcy and get the system into the 21 st Century, didn't say how it could be done when everyone is grabbing every dime they have however.
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  5. tacmotusn

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    I don't think you will see much in the way of Media coverage on negative results to PG&E shut off of power, and as a prepper I think people themselves need to be prepared for loss of power and much more. However one known man on Oxygen was known to have perished 12 minutes after his electrical power went out.

    Here in Florida a 12 minute power outage during heavy thunderstorms is pretty damn common. I am somewhat sad and sorry for the man's family and their loss. Here they would have very little in the way of a successful lawsuit with the power company.
  6. Waydah

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    We investigated the feasibility of installing a solar system. Company reps came out and did a survey. Great location for a system, they said. Recommended ten panels and a grid tie system. Cost? About $25K! jawdrop. I told them that I wanted storage, and the ability to run my well pump. I just got a this look unsure. ! Needless to say, we still do not have a solar system.
    That guy in California who passed due to the loss of power should have had a back-up power source. No excuse for the lack of one.
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  7. oil pan 4

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    I wouldn't want a system that automatically switched everything over.
    When everyone else goes dark, I want my shit to go dark too.
  8. Lancer

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    We get enough week long outages, ice storms usually that I'd love to go full off grid, however: I too have had several survey/quotes for solar rigs. House it at 35 N., with a 45 deg roof pitch facing due south. The surveys state I can pull in 9,000 KW if I do the entire roof. But: "what sort of storage and inverter system I inquire?" Their mindless blinking wide eyes would do a barn owl proud. Except the owl is much more intelligent.
    I do have an attached garage, (used as a garage too boot!), that could easily accommodate a literal wall or two of batteries. If cost wasn't a factor I could feasibly double the calculated required size to 1,600 Ah@48VDC, and still park the vehicles in comfortably.
    But trying to find a knowledgeable contractor/installer has been impossible to date, and insurance mandates the installation be certified. Haven't found out how to get a self-installed setup certified either....
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  9. Meat

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    The electrical system is failing. I could write a book. Well at least somebody smart could.
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  10. sourdough145

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    Ah yes the bureaucracy of conformism... You are right. Try to find an installer that has a clue and not someone who has been "trained" to a cookie cutter idea of solar power.... Sigh.... Near impossible. Getting an inspector that really understands equally tough. Worked with solar power conversion in the 70s for the old TVRO series satellites. Learned a lot about how to make an efficient system. 37 yrs in heavy industrial and utility power and control taught me the rest. Find an installer that can calculate and show system losses then you might have someone with the ability to understand the system.

    There are more ways to build a PV system than most think. Many people who want a system don't have a clue as to the criteria it should be built under. Grid tie, stand alone, hybrid battery, supplemental power, full house power, Bill reduction (that's for all those Californians) or distributed DC use. As many ways to use solar as there are people to use that power! You don't need to know everything about solar (but it helps) but you do need a clear understanding of your wants and needs... Plus an installer that can translate your ideas into reality (without costing an arm and a leg). Cost to benefit should be weighed in as well. Do you really need a $40k system? Probably not... Start with an expandable or modular setup of modest size. Say a kit size of 5kw pre engineered and stamped by an EE and add a second if needed (one is none, two is one eh...). I've built 3 systems with Wholesale Solar and find them to be a great source of help and parts. Their prices a good even if they are out in California. DIY is great and prepackaged systems are easy (esp if you have an electrician neighbor) to install. Lots of help out there (wear a heavy jacket to ward off any small barbs that you find coming your way) so never be afraid to ask. As always YMMV...
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  11. Waydah

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    I have generators for short-term power losses. Still, generators are a PIA, having to re-fuel and go out to get more fuel, and if fuel becomes unavailable you are just SOL.
    I have checked into 'solar' generators that would allow a few LED lights and such, but the reviews are less than satisfactory, with customers suffering burnt out components and other failures on just about every brand I have looked at. Paramount for me is water. I would much rather be able to continue to use my well than having to haul containers from a distant water source and then having to make it safe to drink.
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  12. sourdough145

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    Generators are a pain, yep. Generators do have their place, running a well is one of them. Hopefully into a large storage tank to get the most out of the well. Easily get pressure from tank with a RV pump...
    As far as solar "generators" haven't found even one worth the price of admission. Can build one a fifth the price and ten times better quality. Basicly they are pretty useless. Still willing to be surprised.
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  13. Bandit99

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    LOL! All I can say is I am very happy to hear anything that causes discomfort and chaos to California. I hate that state with a passion and hold it responsible for at least 75% of the problems to the country.
  14. HK_User

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    Genny for water is enough for me.
  15. oil pan 4

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    You have to build your own.
    Those "solar generators" are built and priced to take advantage of people who know nothing about solar.
    Need to use stuff like Morningstar charge controllers, outback inverters.
    Just a real no joke power inverter all by it's self is going to cost more than those cheap over priced solar generators.
  16. sourdough145

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  17. Waydah

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    Since clean water with the least hassle, and anytime I need it is the highest priority for me, It may be worth having a second well drilled close to the house and installing a hand pump. Not sure how deep my current well is. Should be a paper filed somewhere with that information. I'll have to ask my wife to find it. My expertise is losing stuff. frantic. Her's is finding it.
  18. Out in the woods

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    I have solar power and batteries, our system works great.
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  19. Ura-Ki

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    Our place in Co, is ready to go totally off grid, with three generators, two of which don't need Petro fuels, and one provides heat as a byproduct! Solar was not a viable option due to the heavy snows and periodic high winds. we are also a hi fire danger zone, so lots of care and maintenance is needed! The biggest boon to us is the use of Hydro Power on site, it's proved to be very reliable and consistent, so much so that the steam plant is rarely needed ( and takes about 20 min to get it up to working temps) and the back up diesel is kept on emergency standby! We also have the Big Truck with a welder/genny that could be pressed into service, so there is that too! Water needs are easy, as we have year round run off and two large holding ponds, Plus a shallow well with plenty of capacity! If We could have, about a mile and a half up stream is the source of water, a geo thermal vent which could produce pretty much 2/3 of our needed power loads!
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  20. Merkun

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    One again, the Califraidians embraced an earth saver that backfired.
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