Camouflage during SHTF

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    So you bug out, you got all of your supplies and materials you thought you needed, but remember you could get spotted out easily if you are not dressed to blend in. Maybe you should get camo, yes how about some camouflage? It doesn't have to be U.S military so to say but they have alot of good camos. You should have some sort of green or tan shirt if you are moving in green or dry grassland. If you are one who would prefer to move at night, like myself, wear black or night blue. There are loads of different colors of clothing you should have for blending in during SHTF operations. Black or tan cargo pants work well for tactical pants, gloves are not needed ( I don't usually wear gloves but having some, instead of wishing you had some sort of gloves will help ).

    Maybe you should even learn how to use the surroundings to your advantage, because I don't care what camouflage you have on if you just run out anywhere you can be seen during a certain operation if not wanting to be seen. Camo is nothing unless you know how to use them to your advantage; and they are not made to look good but to assist in concealment and/or movement.

    Even though if you have camouflage you should have a couple or as many as you can carry of casual clothes during a SHTF-Emergency, as you will not always need to be on the 'down-low' and will be necessary to have.

    Unless you are trying to be found, your pack should be a darker color and not bright like yellow, orange, or any light shade. I recommend a black or dark green backpack as they are not easy to see but everyone's situation will vary with no doubt.

    I think being able to blend in will be an essential during a time like this, what are everyone's thoughts on camouflage and this subject?[wannamesswitme]
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  2. Plan and Prep

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    Don't be so hasty to hide....

    During a true SHTF event you need to maintain operational security. This includes your appearance and demeanor.

    If you camo up and start skulking from one hiding spot to the next you are going to stand out like a pink elephant if anyone happens to notice you. They will start pointing and calling out to other people to "check this guy out!" and they will probably form some pretty bad opinions about your agenda immediately.

    Secondly, if you look like you are prepared for the SHTF event when people make contact with you, it will more than likely lead to a lot of questions and people potentially targeting or following you.

    Instead, you should invest in tactical clothing in subdued colors and light but durable fabrics. Plan to dress in layers (preppers, you already know this stuff) and choose clothing that is not only functional but passes as "civilian" under standard inspection.

    Also, instead of wandering through the woods or jumping from one shadow to the next you should simply travel in the same fashion as those around you, maintaining good operational security measures to ensure you have ample time to react should a crisis arise.

    Sometimes hiding in plain sight is the best route to getting home alive.

    Plan and Prep | Ready for Anything
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  3. CATO

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    I think the main consensus is that you do not want to stick out or have someone look twice at you. Wearing camo BDUs and a boonie hat with your face painted means you will stick out like a sore thumb.

    Do a web search for: survival and "gray man"

    That should give you some good ideas.
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    Yes, I have one army jacket and the rest are just regular clothing like cargo pants. I have blue sweats, black sweats, black shirt, green shirt, blue shirt, tan shirt, and all of which I wear everyday as my civilian clothes. Being all geared up like a soldier is not the way to go.
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  5. ghrit

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    A) There's a patrol out looking for you, or
    B) You want to hide in a military column for some reason, like slipping thru a line or road block.
    The idea of camo is blending in, no matter the local environment. Want to hide in the hood? Put your brand new ball cap on sideways and leave your belt at home. In farmland? Sweat up a John Deere ball cap and put on a flannel shirt and overalls. (You get the idea.)
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  6. HK_User

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    GOSH this looks like Gov Man looking to fill out a "what to look for" directive for SHTF times.

    Why should I tell anyone on an open forum how I "Might" be dressed.


    Well you get the point.
  7. Brokor

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    (y)LOL! Hey, they're coming one day, no sense being paranoid about it. (funny, right?)

    Anyway, yeah. I like to wear 5-11 tactical pants daily. Dickies makes a great pair of rip-stop pants, too. I have lots of tactical shorts, camo is in style. Remember, there are different concepts regarding camouflage. Ghrit nailed it in one. You can appear to be whomever you want, blending in is a good thing...but don't try to blend in with the yuppies.

    Tan, green, brown, grey --these colors fill my wardrobe. Camouflage, too.
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  8. wrc223

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    Round these parts you stand out if you ARENT wearing something camo. Mossy Oak is well represented here. Coats, shirts, and hats are normal wear. Pants are usually either denim jeans or Carhartt pants. Normal daily wardrobe is farm/woods ready and tested so we know it works.
    Also hunting is a big deal in this area all year around so everyone has a closet full of camo patterns to hide you in any one (or all) four seasons.
  9. Tikka

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    Certain colors blend well once they are dirty and they will get very dirty.

    After the dogs say someone is there; it is your pack, gear and weapon(s) which will attract the eyes.
  10. Seawolf1090

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    Same here, though to blend in with the Bubbas, the camo items must be non-matching, some new and some well worn. Face paint is definitely a no-no though! Plenty of swamp mud to do that if it becomes necessary in the bush.
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  11. Witch Doctor 01

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    Here it's carharts and either a John Deer or a (fill in favorite fertilizer, seed, cat, etc) hat and work boots...

    PS if you have a military or camo pak you want to civilian camoflage get a civy rain cover in a dark color like blue or red...
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  12. Under certain circumstances, perhaps not true TEOTWAWKI, but under certain ones that many can imagine;

    Dressing in a pair of coveralls; wearing a hard hat; put your handgun in one of those leather holster things that like hold computers for the fellow who reads the meters wear, and carry a clip board and perhaps a radio clipped to your belt

    Dressed that way you can wander into many of the most interesting places.

    Just think of the postman, the meter reader, the garbage man, and the other invisible people that are always overlooked by most people.

    Camouflage is part and parcel of causing people to not only overlook, but to accept that what they see belongs where they see it.


  13. VisuTrac

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    It's been mentioned above. But dress like all the rest in your AO.

    Round these parts it's going to be a carhart work jacket that looks like you just got done doing a transfer case service on a combine and pants to match.

    In the city, you might want to look like one of the homeless that one might see on a steam vent.

    The goal is to be invisible, i.e. dismissed as irrelevant or unimportant. How many hoodies are going to roll a bum for cash to get their next fix?

    if you look like a poor dirt farmer you'd better be driving a rusty half ton Pickup truck and not a decked out king ranch.

    It's not just what you wear, it's what you drive, your body language (posture, facial, hands) and where you go.

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  14. geo

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    This is how 99% of my SHTF outfits would be. The idea is to blend in, yet still have lots of cargo pockets and decent clothing.

    Sure, I have camo for all out SHTF, but for 99.9% of the situations the idea is to blend in, not stand out there like tactical guy with tons of preps.
  15. Brokor

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  16. BobRenken

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    I agree. My BOV is a 97 AWD astro. It doesnt even get stopped for speeding. I think the troopers feel sorry for anyone stuck driving it. But is has the 4.3L chevy v6 and a full frame, can tow and hold the whole family plus gear. Parts are available and inexpensive. The kids love riding in it too!
    Think of the versatility. The seats come out and could sleep 6 when you arrive at the long term BOL.
    This vehicle is invisible to everyone. There are 4-5 of them in my community that look identical to mine.
    Perfect camo!
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  17. -06

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    Totally agree with the above about subtle colors. Have not bought but one white shirt in 15 years and that was for my daughter's wedding--lol. Have plenty but just do not wear them--well occasionally for church functions. Have plenty of camo but prefer browns/greens/etc for every day wear. Once in the shadows you can disappear just as well as camo. A baklava for a neck warmer easily converts to a full head covering but brings no notice normally. All my under clothes are dark(not brown stained--lol) so if I have to go outside at night they will not stand out. PJs in cooler weather is a hooded sweat suit.
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  18. wastelander

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    I don't know about camo. I absolutely do not want to look para-military or like I'm trying to hide something in case of SHTF. I don't even wear camo when I hunt really, just worn out green cargos or something similar.
    If there's cops out still in SHTF, trying to tie together what's left of society, I wouldn't wanna look like a threat in any way.
    I think the best camouflage is to stay out of sight.

    Now, I live in Sweden and situations may differ.
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  19. EtDub

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    Here in WV you would look out of place not wearing camo.

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  20. wastelander

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    Found this video

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