Can she be THAT stupid?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Jun 6, 2012.

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    "I'm listening to what your sayin', but I just hear what I want to."

    Jeff: "That's called being a woman."

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    At least she'll never be disappointed by what she hears!
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    I actually couldn't get through that. My god has our society gotten stupid. I could go off on a rant starting with her thinking Europe was a country, but I won't. For her sake, it's good she has a music career. She sounds like an absolute moron.

    No child left behind- but this one should have gone through again.

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    Wow. Kellie Pickler, an American treasure.

    To cut her some slack, her Wikipedia article cites her both her parents as substance abusers and criminals. Had to be hard on her growing up and she has done well for herself with a good amount of charity work.

    But, d*&n, she's dumb.
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    Can't blame her stupidity on school. She was taught that. Like so many, not just the young ones, once through with school, she promply hit the "Memory Dump" button on her brain, and forgot everything she learned regarding English, Math, Geography and who knows what else. THIS is why we are losing skilled workers and professionals to foreign nations. We allow our kids to become stupid.
  8. tacmotusn

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    She is young and a country singer. I doubt she finished High School. Even if she did finish High School, that doesn't say alot. If it did why do we have remedial college courses to get HS grads in college up to class level. My guess is she invested everything she has between her ears and elsewhere to get where she is at. More power to her, at least she ain't homeless and or on wellfare. I don't think this was an act. She is that ignorant no doubt. I didn't say stupid, if she were stupid, she wouldn't be rich. Of course, she may be broke and on the street in 10 years or less. Time will tell.
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    OMG maybe Obama is vetting her for a position as under secretary of state...
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    Ummm......... I was thinking it was Tibet.

    World Geography was definitely NOT when I was in 5th grade. I know I had NC History in 8th grade and we learned the 100 Counties in NC then. But then I'm a HS dropout so might have missed World Geography. An yes, I got my GED as well as my Adult HS Diploma. With ease actually. I tend to concentrate on US History mainly, the rest of the world history if it interacts with US History.
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    Back in the 80s a couple I was working for were college professors and wanted me to get my GED so to humor them I took myself to Hiwassee College to prep for the test.All I needed was maybe a little help in math,the rest I had no worries about.They put me in a remedial reading class,of all places.I was reading simple words before I started school and while my first grade classmates were stumbling around in the last pages of Dick and Jane (dating myself,am I not?) I was in the library reading about dinosaurs and the far-off possibility of space travel.I was reading on high school level before I got thru the 3rd grade,college level by the time I got thru the fifth.This college professor woman who was going to teach me remedial reading was stumbling over words that the average 3rd grader should have been familiar with.I didn't go back,told my bosses I didn't need lessons from somebody who couldn't read any better than that.I'm not sure a college education has much meaning anymore.
  12. tacmotusn

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    I am only going by memory here so I might be wrong. But I believe Budapest is a city split by a river, with half being in one country and half in another.
    Now I will have to cheat and use my search engine.
    Okay I cheated, it's all Hungary, ...... and you have to go back to the middle ages before it was two divided cities of Buda and ..... Pest. No kidding.
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    She is definitely not alone

    She would not be alone as a geographically embarrased American. There are many when asked what continent Australia is in, would say Europe...confusing Australia with Austria. It is sometimes said, perhaps unfairly, that American wars, and the price of gas are the main ways Americans learn about world geography.

    It is interesting that she is disparaged because of her lack of functional geographical knowledge, but would most likely be an object of pity if she were an illiterate. One may assign the label of stupid because her knowledge of world geography is lacking, but evidently she has talents at singing and entertaining that more than compensate for not knowing where Budapest is, if indeed knowing where Budapest is, is actually something vitally important. On balance I think that I would prefer a young woman who was prepared to show the genuine respect and humanity that she did to her younger quiz partner, than if she had been a smart arse braniac who exalted in their own knowledge over that of others.

    Edit: You are partially correct...Budapest was actually two seperate cities...Buda, and Pest...seperated by the Danube river...the two cities were unified in the late 19th century presumably when they were bridged. Both parts of Budapest are in the one country...Hungary.

    Edit: For all those who were concentrating on slamming the young woman for her lack of geographical knowledge...nobody seems to be quibbling with the "stupid" game show host's ignorance of English linguistics when at 2minutes and 20 seconds he, with great erudition explains that the answer to the question was " in I'm hungry (i.e. the state of being in hunger, rather than being in the State of Hungary)". The game show host would seem to be demonstrating that he is probably no brighter than the young woman contestant...but, then again...he has the benefit of being a male authority figure...and lord knows, game show hosts can't possibly be stupid or ignorant.
  14. Quigley_Sharps

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    anyone all of a sudden smell moth-balls????[dunno]
  15. Cruisin Sloth

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    Yes , and many more are.
    Last week at the local Roach House , many young folk got to speak with a real Born British Canadian (Canuk from now on) .

    They , (both sexes) had NO IDEA of Canada , and were asking about Medical to " language " .. I asked if they knew the population of USA to Canada & size.
    8 kids under 30 , 5 adults 50 + had NO idea. 2 adults were dang close to call spot on.
    So yes , it's not just her.
    There is a world beyond the TV.
    I travel all over North America , Europe for work , the rest of the travelling of the world is for fun.

    U tube Rick Mercer ,talking to americans..
    Very Sad .
    Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina answers a question - YouTube

    It's the Hair colour she's using !!!!
  16. CATO

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    She's probably dull...but, being put on the spot does something to the mind.

    Here's a rare personal story:

    I was having headaches a few years ago (ice-pick headaches) and went to neurosurgery group at a major teaching hospital. The doctor that I got was the head of that department...and he was young--that made me think he was pretty smart.

    But his hair....imagine Alfred E. Newman (that kind of red with freckles)...was sort of bushy on the sides, but he had the middle of it completely slicked down with some kind of product. It looked weird to say the least. As soon as I saw him, I thought to myself "What a fag...fix your frikken hair." (And I don't generally use "fag" for a derogatory term for homosexuals...just someone who is weird or odd when they don't have to be.)

    Anyway, I kept thinking this because I just couldn't get over that hair....kind of like that commercial with the stain that keeps saying gibberish distracting the person from what the stain wearer is saying.

    So, one of the tests he asks is this: "Name as many words that you can in the next 30 seconds that start with "F."

    All I could think of was "FAG!" Then, I started panicking...due to prolonged silence.... (tick, tock) I start rollin' them off: "frog"..."foo"...."frigerator"..."fruit"..... in my mind, "F-A-G" had taken all available memory locations and my I/O was bottlenecked.

    I think I only got 5 words...I was dying inside....that f'ing hair! He said that was not normal and made me come back in for an MRI. That sucked. As soon as I got out of there, I started rattling off F words that I didn't even think I knew....

    So, I have to empathize with people being put on the spot.

    Here's that commercial:

    Your Talking Stain Ad could air on Prime Time TV - YouTube
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    Pickler is not that dumb. Have seen her in person several times and she is quite bright. Wondering if it was for show.
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    How do you get their little legs apart?
  19. My grandmother was a geography / history teacher.

    When I was about 6 she gave me her 8th grade geography book and had me learn the countries. (these books were probably 20 years out of date at that time, listing countries that did not exist and not listing new ones of that moment)

    Then she gave me her handouts of the changes and had me put them on memiographed maps. (yep long time before xerox) That old purple stuff that got all over your hands was all she had and glad that that existed.

    I learned all this not as a chore, but as entertainment at her house one winter weekend.

    One week end at age six. what in the world do they teach in school for 12 years now.

    On a slightly different note, see if you can google up an late 1880's 8th grade exit exam. I have seen it but forget the details.

    Even college educated people would have trouble pasing that thing.

    Seems the more we get high tech, the stoopider we get. stoopid is supposed to hurt. Really stoopid can be fatal. (and yep I know it is stupid not stoopid.)

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    Just read some of the Federalist Papers. Those were printed in the newspapers of the day. Granted, the literacy rate wasn't as high...but, if you were were REALLY educated.

    Nowadays, a college degree doesn't mean much because it is dumbed-down so much in order so that minorities can pass. Everyone deserves the opportunity of college, but not everyone has the intelligence to earn a degree.
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