Canada Highways paved in gold and chocolate.

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    Seen this and had to post those Yanks will do anything to attract people.(LOL)

    Wreck spills cash, candy on Canada highway

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    Thousands of wrecks happen every day on highways around the world. It's safe to say most aren't like the one that happened Wednesday in northern Ontario, when a collision and resulting pileup spilled millions of dollars of cash and candy onto a Canadian highway.
    The wreck happened when a Brinks truck struck a rock outcropping near Kirkland Lake. Much like the Titanic, the rock ripped open the side of the truck, spilling an estimated $5 million in Canadian coins onto the highway in an ankle-deep array. As one constable poetically put it, the crash scene was like "walking on a carpet of loonies and toonies." The coins had come from the Canadian Mint and were headed for circulation.
    The driver of the truck and a passenger were hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. The wreck set off a chain reaction that involved a minivan and two other tractor-trailers. One of the tractor-trailers was carrying candy, and that too spilled atop the coins.
    But don't go heading up to the Great White North ready to stuff your pockets with coins and candy. Local police will be stationed at the crash site until cleanup is completed to discourage sticky-fingered passerby.
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    I seem to remember when our coins weren't magnetic !!!

    Guess i must be getting old !!
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    Most coins of today's making are stamped from dies with steel alloy and then anodized to the correct colour or texture, black and copper or bright yellow are from a pigmented steel alloy and then anodized. Canada (winter-peg) is one of the largest coin producers . from USA to Chinese . USA has a second stamp that it applies to put into circulation. as with Brit, Auzi , NZ and a few others. One of the better live tours to attend.

    A full gold ingot is there for the touching.

    Typical Canadian roads filled with loony's & Toonies !!



    Edit : the Gold coloured coin is a one dollar coin nicked named the Loony , and the silver outer with cold inset is the two dollar Toony ..
    After a day of shopping you need a pair of suspenders to keep your trousers on.

    Just so sayin
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    I've goy a new slogan for Canada. Come to Canada where the highways are paved in riches and it rains candy. The place to be where is granny I figured she would have found this one of interst. I bet she is setting at the table with chocolate covered fingers counting her new riches and planning what preps will be next.
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