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    Sapper John and I( used to regularly canoe down the Neuse river and have done a few miles on the Cap0e Fear as well... I'm 1 mile from a mostly navigable swamp/creek system that also flows into the Cape Fear...
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    My wife an I took a bunch of photos of the coast guard RIB while it was at the marina. It had (2) 200hp Honda outboards! That thing really hauled butt.
    They are pretty cool, but I wasn't trying to boast. I was trying to recall my thought processes about how I decided to get a rib. I looked into canoes and kayaks, but the load capacity wasn't there for my needs. I didn't know much about buying boats at the time, and probably spent quite abit more than I really needed to.

    Looking back on it, I would have done things differently. Craigslist wasn't around at the time, or I would be using that to parouse the boats for sale adds under "inflatable". A lot of sail boats use them as tenders (what I originally planned my rib for) and can be had quite cheap if you don't mind them (hypalon) being sun bleached or maybe having a patch.

    Hypalon is nearly indestructable, it is just heavier than the PVC composite materials. Hint: people won't call it PVC because they will be afraid that you may mistake it for one of the cheap vinyl (child's toy) type of PVC inflatables. Names like "Decitex" or "Heytex" with a weave count in front of it (like 1000 or 1100 range) generally precludes they are a PVC or Urethane plastic laminate fabric construction.
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    I like this for Jump shooting and fishing the feeder's.
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    I like that boat. Who makes it?
  5. KAS

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    that aint a boat its a peroit { or how ever u spell it dont yall go get ur panties in a wad !!!}

    dont yall no nuttin!!
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    It's a Pirouge, This one is fiberglass, You can get them in 10,12,14,16 ft length's, Myself I would have one at my BOL with a trolling motor and a solar panel dedicated for the troll motor battery, Keep a duckbill push pole in the boat as well + a paddle

    You would be surprised just how easy these are to paddle and 3'' of water is plenty deep enough for one man.
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  7. KAS

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    pirouge yea just like i spelled it !!!!

    never thought about solar on the trolling motor ...
    I wonder how may panels it would take to charge up a bank of batteries for bow fishing ?>???
    even if it was only enuff for half the night it would still be worth it for a few hours minus the generator running !!!!
  8. Gator 45/70

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    These are so light a good battery will last you all night, A 35 lb thrust trolling motor will push you with a medium load at about 5 mph for a good distance.
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  9. KAS

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    better not shoot more nuetra than the battery can handle !!!!
    EWWWW its almost mudbug season!!!!!!
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    The bounty is 5.00 per tail, The tail must be at least 11'' long, This will haul a LOT of tails'
  11. Gator 45/70

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    Type in Louisiana pirogue for sale, new. The wood one's are to heavy to drag very far in the marsh, Go fiberglass !
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    5$ a tail = alot of coon ases in the swamps at night with guns + whatever extra carricular activites they are into= me at home
    BESAFE my friend
  13. kellory

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    Just install a panel or two on an inner tube, and haul it behind.
  14. -06

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    Have a set of 14' canoes. Have always wanted to make a "catamaran" out of them and do a "Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn" down the Pee Dee or French Broad in the summer. Figure two sheets of plywood would give it an 8'X8' platform to "live" on. Now they are just used for creek/pond fishing along with the 14' Jon boat. Need a gas motor and will be "plum" happy--lol.
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    Another thread resurrection. Sorry. I came late to the party.

    My quiver when I'm in NC.


    This is my usual ride on canoe camps. Max and me in a Dagger Legend, The aluminum Grumman is my first canoe. Bought used over 40 years ago and still in use.

  16. The Duece

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    Dont have any pics of mine,prob good thing lol she an UUUGGGLY thing.was given to me by a friend,no seats gunnals,thwart,nothing just fibreglass body,used 1" pvc for gunnals cut down 2x4 into strips for seats another 2x4 for thwart and away i go lol.last year i got an old 12 v trolling motor from my bro and mounted it to canoe,put battery in water proof tub for safety. Much easier on my back than paddling [emoji6][emoji6]
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    I've done quite a bit of time in a canoe. I love them for vacations. For bugging out? It would wholly depend on where from and where to. Around my world, they would be useless. I live on the north end of Cincinnati and my bug out is 60 some miles southwest in Kentucky. Normally the canoe is at the farm, but I keep a 2 man Folboat at the house.

    Let's just say it all it the fan. I'm miles away from anything remotely navigable on the front end. That means I'm going to have to take the Folboat ( I guess I'll load it on my survival wheelbarrow) and cart it to the closest put in, which would be on the Little Miami River. I put my bug-out-bag, etc in the Folboat and take off. I've got a wife and teenage son that I've left behind. However, let's just let them fend for themselves for the time being. I float down the Little Miami and out into the Ohio River below Coney Island and then make my way down to Cincinnati.

    At some point, I'm going to have to make a dash over the width of the Ohio to get to the mouth of the Licking, dodging barges as I go. I'm not scared of much in this life. I'm a good Methodist boy, but barges give me the willies when I'm in an unpowered craft. I make it across the Ohio (about a 1/2 mile) and then enter the Licking River. Now comes the fun part.

    I don't know exactly how long it is from Newport, KY to Falmouth, KY. It's a half hour or more by car, and the Licking River winds quite a bit. After that, it's another better part of day floating down from my place to Falmouth-- that's going down. I've never tried to go up. I'd also have to navigate a set of rapids going the wrong way. When I got to the take-out, I'd still have 3 miles to cover on foot.

    Start to finish, I'm thinking a week, in good weather it's possible. If the Licking is in flood, forget it. If it's low water, forget the whole trip. Ideally, I'd make the bend at Milford barely able to stand and have to rest for days on the bank recuperating before making the trip up the hill to my place.
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    Yeah, like the real estate biz. Location, location, location.

    We can access a river that leads to a river that leads to a river that leads to the Intercoastal Waterway. That goes up the entire east coast. We can get to the river on mountain bikes with trailered canoes and gear. I won't get into caches. Yup, I've practiced. about one hour after we start pedaling to the river.
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    Have two sets of light motor cycle wheels that I have been saving for a carrier. Want to make a "HoChiMin" truck out of one set.
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