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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by monkeyman, Feb 20, 2007.

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    Ok, well I have missed doing any posting for a few days now so I guess I should catch up on whats been going on.

    Well, the goat kid that was born didnt make it. Apparently momma layed on her or something since she wound up with a broken neck. So we will just have to wait and see if any more are born and other than that may go see about buying a couple before to long.

    I have been dealing with a tooth ache for most of the time I have been away and still am. One of my molars had a cavity and then started breaking off in pieces and about 1/2 of the exposed tooth is now broken off and the nerve is exposed. I really hate the dentists around here. None of them have a slideing scale or take payments and the vast majority of them want to charge at least $150-200 for a simple extraction. The most affordable I found was a dentist about 50 miles away that will do them for $75 but they dont have an opening for about 3 weeks. Im just hopeing that I can get in someplace and get it done before it gets to a point where I have to try extracting it myself. I have in the past done various other medical things on myself that were REAL unplesant to say the least (like removeing ingrown toenails and such) but Im still REALLY not looking forward to trying to take out a tooth with no pain killers. We'll just have to wait and see how it goes and hopefuly can get in to one of the dentists I can afford.

    The weather is finaly thawing out and tomorrow is supposed to be pretty decent and I dont work so hopefuly I can get the plumbing fixed and get some water hauled in.

    Not a whole lot else has been going on but I will try to get back to updateing more regularly.
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