Civics Censorship vs Moderation, How Democracy is lost

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Ganado, Feb 27, 2019.

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    I like short sleeves. ;)
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    I love this!!! Thank you at Brokor. This challenge is harder than most think because self moderation is difficult.

    Here is a senseless story......
    I just went and spent a long week-end with my Aunt. She is the polar opposite of me politically and very vocal about her extreme left views. One evening I was speaking with a gentlemen from Norway and he was floored at our views. He asked how I was able to just sit there and say nothing. I told him, "I loved my Aunt more then politics. She matters more." And that is the truth. We would stop our world for each other. No need to destroy a relationship over current beliefs. P.S. she is as prepared as most survival monkeys.

    This forum tends to be very right-leaning and in my opinion is unattractive to people who tend to be more centered or left leaning. But the subject of the forum is actually all inclusive. @VisuTrac is 100% correct, the audience is judging us by our comments. Since the subject of the forum is survival, political beliefs should not matter. If someone has the secrets to successfully growing indoors without lights, I want their knowledge, not their voter registration card.
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    Well, I tried to get a chuckle out of ya'll with the reference to bare arms, but you're no fun at all today.

    I'm in and out of this site often during the day. Some of my posts reflect these time constraints.

    Survival Monkey has always been fairly moderated, as far as I've seen. There have been threads that I would have been interested in trying to follow, that had gone down in flames as personal confrontations started. For the most part I understand where the owner/mods are coming from and the same simple common sense politeness that keeps me out of trouble in meat space works here.

    I don't like being told what to do, I seldom worry about needing Government permission or approval to do anything, and certainly not when it comes to speech. Under Article 88 of the UCMJ, there are a few restrictions on my political speech, but these have been tested by others in very high profile cases and nothing has come of it. I think we have a President now that speaks his mind. Not always eloquently, but certainly clearly.

    Stifling, censoring, or heavy-handed moderating of discussions on-line is something that can do more harm than good. People with poor communication skills have a hard enough time in the real world. When forced to express opinions in key-strokes only, they may come across as rude. There is much to learn from each other here. Learning that snark, sarcasm, and the silly little verbal jabs that we poke at folks at work all day don't translate well to the page has been a big one for me.

    We have folks from all over the planet here. There's certain to be differences of opinion. I don't have to agree with them, but at least I can read them if I choose. Even trolls have their place. How would we ever experience a different point of view if it wasn't for trolls? We have some of the finest trolls I've ever encountered here on SM! Sometimes their snarky comments help to illuminate a point I may have missed.

    I like the mix of forums here. There's something for everybody, and I seem to get here right after some of the drama that's popped up on threads of the past. (I do wish I could have read some of them before they were deleted. I like to try to understand how conflicts start, so I can avoid them.:)) From what I see here daily our moderators are doing a fine job of keeping the peace, and hope we make their job easier by just being polite monkeys.
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    I read it and my first thought was slap. then I started laughing.... it was a good random that made a heavy serious thread just a bit lighter. TY
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    YOU FACIST, TOTALITARIAN!! Just because YOU think we should ALL wear short sleeves............. and that's how I see a lot of this discussion. Say what you want it's my choice to read it or not. Whether or not I agree with it is my decision. That said, this is a private enterprise and the owner and mods do a great job of blending free speech and watching out for the interest of the owning entity. I even would read Gunkid's post and the replies before (again) dismissing him as a crackpot Speak up and let me decide the value of your words. And thanks mods and Melbo for putting up with us less than pc simians in the i
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    My antivacciners posts manage to piss off a cry baby with the power to delete posts.
    That's out right censorship akin to what we see with the leftist terrorists who want to ban flags, tear down statues and monuments.
    Since then I have only made sure to ramp up the posts, include more inflammatory language, ect.
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    Why would you do that? Are you doing that for personal reasons or for the betterment of the forum?
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    OP4 makes a good point in post 26. I post some things in the Political Posters thread because they're educational and may enlighten the ignorant. I don't do it to push peoples buttons. Sometimes a point is better made with pictures and/or comedy.

    Ignorant. There's a perfectly good word that'll get folks to bow up on you. I've had to talk people down after using it, bless their heart. There's plenty of subjects I thought I understood, and later learned that I was ignorant. Women, for example.

    I understand the topic to be related to censorship on this site, but I have to mention book banning and burning.

    Have I read books that were "politically incorrect"? Without a doubt. Did they make me a racist, murderer, antisemite, arsonist, or space alien that resembles an elephant? No.

    Destroying books, like destroying historical artifacts, is an intentional erasing of history. Don't we learn from the lessons of history? Not if it's rewritten or edited to fit somebodies comforting new version of history. I prefer to read everything I can get my hands on and make my own decisions based on a lifetime of learning.
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    Just to irritate the shit out of some one.
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    Be forewarned .. we are judging you based on that as well. ;)
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