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CERT Light Search and Rescue Operations 2016-12-31

Basic training manual from CERT on search and rescue- done in slide show format

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    Motomom34 submitted a new resource:

    CERT Light Search and Rescue Operations - Basic training manual from CERT on search and rescue- done in slide show format

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  2. Tempstar

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    CERT training is a great resource and many counties offer it for free. Well worth the time.
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  4. DarkLight

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  5. chimo

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    Good training resource, along with some comedy from the FBI about those dangerous "sovereign citizens" that they worked in when my wife and I attended a few years back.
  6. Pax Mentis

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    Domestic terrorists every one of them...

    (of course, it is the FBI to whom I refer)
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  7. fedorthedog

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    CERT is something that evolved from the Community Policing thing. The funny part to me is they then trained people on CIRT, at the same time they quietly increased their recommendations to the sheep on the amount of food and water to keep at home, from 3 days to 7, and then added the get home backpack to their list of stuff. Hmmm maybe I should think abut prepping...
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