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    Mini Maglite + Nite Ize

    I was originally going to ask about the CFP-90 backpack, but since no one said anything for a while, I figured that rather than making a new thread I'd edit this one and go on a different topic.

    I was at my local Target today looking around at cheap gear, when I noticed a sale on Mini Maglites and an LED upgrade by a company named Nite Ize. Both were going for $7.44 a piece; together, a lot cheaper than the new LED Mini Maglite that only has one LED in comparison to the Nite Ize's three.

    It comes with a push button for the back, which I've found is great for signaling if tapped gently. Supposedly, the upgrade allows for longer battery life, but I'll get back to you guys on that.

    Upgrading was easy, though it voids Maglite's warranty. I went outside as soon as it got dark and compared the light to my old Mini Mag with the original krypton bulb. The LED's are a lot brighter and give off a very clear, white light. The only downside I've seen so far is that this upgrade takes away the ability to adjust the focus of the beam, but I think the light projected makes up for that.

    Anyways, other than crank/shake flashlights, this is definitely going into my emergency kit. If I have to tote extra batteries, I'd rather they be AA and not D.
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    Walmart now sells for about $20 a rechargeable AA or AAA battery charger and the batteries to go into it. The nice thing is that they will work on a car battery as well as 115 volts. Thus can recharge light or radio batteries from bov, 4 wheeler or solar charger on car battery. That allows a whole new and inexpensive source of "emergency" power. The problem with all of the flashlights is the beam versus broad light. Need broad one for walking or doing camp chores and as narrow and focused as possible for picking up a distant target. Some of the new well made $40 today used on a gun mount are much superior to the $250 ones of 3 years ago. Most of the high tech ones use specific batteries with very high performance, but are hard to get and very expensive. Your less than perfect light with a reliable long term battery supply and with one in each of your bov and caches would sure beat a perfect light source with a dead battery.
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    I ran across a deal at Sam's, two 80 Lumen L.E.D. flashlights with "AA" batteries for $28. I don't like them as well as my River Rock L.E.D. flashlights, but they aren't bad at all. I thought it was an excellent deal.
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    I love the Rayovak head lamp I got at Walmart for under $20. It has a red LED light to retain night vision, a 3 LED whit light that gives very good light to moderate distance (up to maybe 20-30 yards) and a krypton bulb that gives a good beam like the mag lights. It runs on 3 AAA batteries and if its on the LED settings will go continuously for over 24 hours before it starts to dim and goes up to 36-48 hours before dieing all together.

    So you get hands free operation, light weight, easy to find reasonably priced batteries, all bases for needed types of light (other than maybe mega spot light like the 1,000,000+ candle power ones) covered in one inexpensive and compact package with good battery life to boot.
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