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    this past week i was fortunate enoiugh to look at some new photo recon shots fot the area of the county i live in... i discovered some interesting things...

    • the last hurricane made one section of themp that i have to transverse almost impassable...
    • The swamp is no longer as shallow as it was due to some logging in the area changing the runoff patterns...
    • land that would have been easy to cross pastureland is being disced for farm land...
    • new development (single wide trailers)
    over all in the past 10 months my original Bug out plans have taken a beating... we need to refine our escape/bug out plans on a regular basis... currently instead of a day long 15 mile hike i will be treated to a two to three day hike... I will also need to add some items like a small inner tube and 2 cans of inflata a spare to get me through the swamps if i can't go around them..

    double check yo9ur routes especially following any natural disaster( Hurricane , tornado, flood,) or for development/logging as both May effect your current plans...
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    Thus is revealed the need for continuous upgrading based on continuous alertness to physical changes to the landscape as well as political and economic conditions.

    Good point, WD. [bow]
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    Staying dry is important; any thoughts on how?
  4. Witch Doctor 01

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    I think i'll get wet regardles of what i do... I'll look at water shoes and a set of nylon pants that will dry fast... and a water proof bag to store all of my other goodies (BOB) in to move them across water... then once across a means to dry off warm up if necessary and head out...
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    Well after last year and starting this year well all be struck here in Alabama.
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    Come spend a few weeks at my cabin during the rainy season or a hurricane,I promise you that your water skills will improve by leaps and bounds,but of course you already know that from personal experience...(y)
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