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  1. Maybe a gear box with a big shifter that came from a wrecked Harley could work. Start out slow & shift gears to get to proper speed. But, then how long will you last?
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    Actually, It is a well documented FACT. that even the Best Trained Athletes, can only generate about 100 Watts, on a Continuous Basis, and a Maximum of about 250 Watts, on a very Short Term Basis. (Like 30 MInutes) So as a long term Power Source, Humans are NOT very efficient at making Power. Much better to use Hydro, Solar, or Wind..... ..... YMMV....
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    Maybe on a bike but didn't you see The Matrix? Apparently we make GREAT batteries!
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    A bud and I are thinking about building a dual purpose trailer to tow behind our R/Vs. By putting PV panels onto the trailer it could easily be hooked to your home's needs or unplugged and towed with you. We will make them dual axle with storage capacity also. That way you have most of what one needs in a BO situation--or just camping. 4 60 watt panels should take care of most needs. If not a couple more can be added w/o much trouble.
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    If you design the Axle system right, you can connect a generator to the Trailer Wheels, and charge the batteries while towing the trailer to the BOL. Then use the Solar to maintain Full Charge, on the batteries while not moving. A wheel driven Generator will provide a lot more power than ANY Solar System, for charging the batteries..... ..... YMMV....
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