Check Your Course - Expounding, part 1

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    "Your children are not little gods – they need to study; God has all knowledge – we don’t. It is an act of humility to believe this; be humble, you and your child."

    A couple years ago, my wife was in contact with another family whose child was the same age as ours. The lady would rave at how smart their daughter was and how she was going to skip a huge portion of the curriculum because it was too easy for her, and on and on. We were using the same study material at that time and were very impressed at such accomplishment.

    My wife and I are not perfect, and we were a little envious wishing our daughter was that advanced also. We all have dreams that our children will be smart and advanced beyond their years, and that people will be lining up to get wisdom and knowledge and whatever seems appropriate to the engorged imagination at the time.

    However, we're kind of practical/realists too and always make it a point to make sure our daughter learns the material at hand before proceding farther; it makes for "slow" completion times, so it seems, but we're usually close to on-schedule as the weeks progress.

    Getting back to the topic... I could assume that we all know that a child must somehow be taught the subject he is supposed to be learning -- this is where the parent has flexibility in teaching the child in the way that fits best. My wife and I are pretty old-fashioned here; no dancing, singing, or fluffy cloud drawings... just see, listen, and learn; a little concentration and effort are expected. The Nintendo is only 30 minutes away if the lesson is completed on time.

    I could also expect that a parent will know subject material far beyond the student for, at least, K through Xth grade. For example, what's easy for the parent is not necessarily easy for the student. A parent shouldn't necessarily think a child has learned the material just because the parent thinks it's easy. Hopes, dreams, and expectations can become intermingled with an overly-expectant imagination. Imagine so badly wanting your child to learn and do well that you start elevating him in your mind, never taking constructive criticism or suggestions from those around you who see your child from "outside your little world".

    Nor should the parent assume the child has learned when the child says all the right things and complies with all requests.
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