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    Here are some clam farmers from my home town this is the big industry on the island it used to be net fishing but in 1995 the Gill nets we're band in FLA so the state had to come up with a way for the fisherman to make a living so they gave out one Acer lots out in the gulf so they can raise clams

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    This is way cool.
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    I used to shoot trap with the clam warden on the MA north shore. (Yes, there is that elected public office.) While not exactly farming in that these are "wild" clams simply encouraged to seed and grow. There are areas designated to specific registered "fishermen" in the clam flats. Very highly regulated. There have been fights over clam poaching.
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    How cruel, the clams grow up confined in a poly net bag, that's sad, I'm going to call my congressman/woman. I'm organizing the non-profit organization called "Save the Clams", please send your donations to my PayPal account...

  5. azrancher is right. How dare we humans subject a non sentient life form to a life lived in such an artificial environment? Maybe Franken and Feinstein need to get involved. They need something to keep themselves busy. Uh, how do you start a Go-Fund-Me account?
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    Wanna see a shell fish farming area from hell, come out west to Willipa Bay Washington for the World Famous Oyster farms!
    Also known for all the other shell fish and Crabbing! CRAZY! I have a Cousin that has a Bay Front Farm with Oyster beds and they bring in a pretty good living with a small set of beds, Then there are the Cranberry bogs, or go out side the bay and go crabbing this time of year, and a feller can make the whole years income in three months! Before we moved to the mountains, we seriously considered that life!
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    They do that here to but it's open water 45 to 60 some time 70 $ a bushle that's off the boat the farm raised are 90 $ a bushle

    Then they have oyster planting in the summer where they pay the oyster men to plant the oyster beds
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