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    I just came back after 2 back to back trips up north....
    It went from 80's in the daytime to the teens at night/early mornings.....
    It was sorta strange to see my solar panels covered in ice!
    But that's not what this thread is all about!

    It's not been a good time up there, and it looks as if I'll have to go back again...soon. Not what I had expected to have to do!
    I originally went up to check on my property ( which I was never able to even visit!) As I had too many other concerns. My property is some 7 miles further down another road....
    I never made it in either trip, of some 16 days all total!
    I also had to pick up 3 puppies I had promised to take.
    It has been a nightmare, and it seems to have gotten worse....
    Either "someone" up there is what you'd consider a "grandiose liar" for all intents and purpose, or, is "very very lonely" and seeks company ( of which I am NOT the best for that sort of thing!). In fact, I am far from what anyone would want for a VISITOR!
    I got home and the phone began to ring off the hook....

    "Someone" had tried to remove the water heater from the "former" caretakers mobile home, where my 2 trailers and supplies are currently, and ( supposedly being watched over), and a LOT of my equipment is also located. They ran off as he came home, and left all of their tools lying there, with the water heater hanging out of the side of the mobile home!

    Then, the coyotes came in to try to eat the puppies thru 2 fences I had erected and into a doghouse which ONLY a very small puppy could get into and out of. ( strange, BUT, I THOUGHT I had brought the puppies home...?) How could the coyotes try to eat the 3 puppies that are here in the backyard being watched over by the "home dog"?
    See what I mean?
    Then, I get a call "someone" ( note anything here yet? wait for it!) had tried to steal my travel trailer by stating it belonged to their MOTHER and they were there to pick it up. And now the lug nuts are gone of both wheels?
    Interesting, you see this happened once before and NO ONE seems to know who took them! (I do!) No license numbers, no description of the 2 men or the make, model, or year of their so-called truck!

    I get another phone call, my heat exchanger unit ( 8 feet tall, 400 lbs) fell over! Twice in the same day! It has some damage now and has never been used. I was then asked if it could be parted out for the metal and firebricks inside! (see anything strange going on yet?)

    I get yet another call , seems 3 of the locals had caught some "tweakers" stealing from another property, not too far away from another "resident" that had called and asked for the others to assist in apprehending the individuals......
    Funny, no license plate number/s or any information AGAIN was provided! I was informed that "they" can't call the sheriff, as if the subject came up that they were carrying firearms, they'd all go to jail...(It is a felony for a convicted felon to have in their posession any firearm.) That includes anyone that has a "domestic violence" record, so, "they" don't want me to call the law!
    Last night/early this morning, I get another call, "someone is hammering" next door, an absentee resident that lives 600 miles away and had asked this LUNATIC to keep an eye on things! The "lunatic" would not even bother to look out the window! That requires getting OFF the couch, which sets in front of the window! This am, it was "discovered" that the back door ( north) had been taken of it's hinges and the neighbor's propane refrigerator had been stolen! Plus, their storage shed wall had been taken apart and all of their batteries, invertor unit, and 6 solar panels are now missing!
    So, with all that having been siad here's the scenario I now find myself trapped in the following:

    I can make the "move" up north, and try to survive the winter, as I have no wood stove/heater hooked up, no wood or propane stored or ready, and It would take me at least several weeks of moving items at a cost of about $750-$800, and a LOT of manpower to do it all...Of which I have NONE! ( all in the coming winter and storms about to hit!)
    I can spend a lot of money and manpower to move all my supplies and equipment from up north, back to Phoenix some 150 miles one way, and then I'll have to FIND a place to store the trailers here. Again, a costly proposition. No help and no cash to do much until the 4th of December....
    I can leave the supplies and such where they are, put up with the crap/lies and phoney calls each day and night, and hope that it all works out in the end.

    The last scenario is not a vaible situation as I see it!
    I need some sage advice here...I have asked others and they simply shake their heads and just walk away! I have about come to the decision to try to move what I can back home, and may have to sell my trailers as I am unable to keep them here where I currently live.
    I own 3 parcels/lots, each from 2.21 to 2.27 acres each and am unable to find anyone willing to move there even for a short period to be a "caretaker" or to provide security.
    I could use some advice, suggestions, and anyone that has EVER had anything like this happen to them before!?
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